What Happens During Reflexology?

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Firstly, a carefully applied reflexology treatment will be a pleasurable experience.  Please ask as many questions as you want to during the course of your treatment, or just relax and the reflexologist will explain everything for you. 

Reflexology sessions last about one hour, this includes some time for talking about your experiences since the last treatment and of course an opportunity for you to ask any questions. During the treatment you can relax in a comfortable reclining chair with your feet raised.

If you book a visit at your home, (treatments available up to 12 mles from DY11 including : Worcester, Worcestershire, Kidderminster, Bewdley, West Midlands areas) I will bring everything we need for the treatment.

To book your reflexology treatment please call 0753 1121199.

The first visit with a reflexologist will usually take about 15 minutes longer than subsequent treatments as a consultation is required to ensure you gain the most benefit from your treatment. The reflexologist will  ask you about your medical history and about your diet, exercise and general health. The reflexologist will also look at your feet and make notes on the color, look and feel. The reflexologists notes are all confidential and will not be shared with anyone without your permission. You can also read more in our post titled reflexology explained.

During the treatment reflexologists use pressure, stretch and movement to work through the whole foot methodically. The reflexologist will take care to work within your comfort zone. The treatment begins with a soothing, relaxing foot massage.

Your personal preferences about the level of pressure is something you can always communicate with your reflexologist. You can feel free to say if the pressure is too strong or too light for your comfort. The practitioner will actively adjust the pressure to suit you. Reflexology does not tickle as it is a firm pressure to the feet.

During the session you may feel different sensations in your feet and body,  it may feel like a tingle or you may feel a slight pins and needles sensation. Sensitivity varies from person to person and from treatment to treatment.

The main feelings from reflexology client comments is that the session is calming, comforting and relaxing. Many clients feel that they have drifted off to sleep during the treatment but usually although deeply relaxed they are still aware and not fully asleep.

You may prefer to talk to the therapist during your treatment, but be careful that talking doesn't interfere with the relaxation effect. 

Finally, enjoy the treatment! Reflexology is your time to relax and allow your whole body to enjoy the calming effects.

When the treatment has finished you will have a short quiet time to feel fully 'awake' again. The reflexologist will discuss the treatment and aftercare with you and you can ask any questions that you may have. If you book a home treatment, (available in the Worcester, Worcestershire, Kidderminster, Bewdley and West Midlands areas)  you can take your time to relax at home and continue to enjoy the calming effects without having to worry about driving home first.

Many clients enjoy a series of treatments, booking appointments weekly for the first 4/6 treatments. This allows you to benefit most from the positive effects of reflexology. If you prefer to book treatments less frequently, that is of course no problem. Your appointments can be tailored to your needs. A single treatment is in itself a pleasurable treat for yourself or as a gift.

Reflexology can help you to manage many of the pressures of modern life, find out more about stress management

Do not rely on a reflexologist for medical treatment as reflexology is a complementing therapy and not a replacement for medical advice or treatment.

Reflexology Kidderminster: Please contact me on 0753 1121199 for more information, alternatively e-mail