Comfort during massage

Massage therapy is very soothing and relaxing. The treatment is a great pleasure for tired muscles and an antidote to busy lives. For some people, however, massage may not be as comfortable as they would like. Modern massage couches are well padded and designed but they are flat, and our bodies are not. Regardless of our body shape none of us are made flat enough to lie comfortably on our faces or flat on our backs. 

Massage provides many benefits for both our mind and body.  Stress can age us faster than many of us realise. While eliminating anxiety and stress altogether in this fast-paced world may be unrealistic, massage can help manage stress.  The emotional balance massage provides can often be just as vital and valuable as the more obvious physical benefits.   The effect of massage on our physiology is also positive.

It is essential that you feel comfortable and relaxed during your massage to allow you to enjoy the treatment and feel the benefits.  There are a number of common complaints people express regarding discomfort during massage.

Males and females both have curved fronts due to breast tissue and genitals. The prone position can put pressure on this tissue and cause you to fidget to ease the compression.  This is not conducive to relaxation. There are two main solutions to this problem.

There is a cushion bolster system available manufactured by the Comfy Client that alleviates this pressure.  This is the best product with fantastic client feedback and it is used at Breathe Holistic Therapy to ensure your comfort. The interlocking massage support cushions are ergonomically designed to provide complete comfort during treatments on the massage couch.  The shape supports breast tissue and removes all pressure for men also. The specially designed foam is both supportive and soft, removing the discomfort from the prone position. If you find lying on your front impossible but enjoy massage then it is worth booking a massage at Breathe Holistic Therapy where clients benefit from this cushion.

The second solution is a side position.  A relaxing massage can be provided whilst you lie comfortable on your side. For many this solves most of the problems associated with massage comfort. It is, however, more suitable for a relaxing massage as in the side position deep work on the back is not always possible.

Due to the shape of our bodies it is common to feel pressure on the lower back both in the prone and supine position. For many clients the Comfy Client cushion system solves this but occasionally for people more bolsters may be needed. This can be easily solved for most people by placing a pillow under your knees whilst on your back and under you feet whilst on your front.

The use of a face hole allows the therapist access to the neck and keeps the spine aligned, but for some clients this position is not pleasant. The pressure on the face can be painful to sensitive sinuses. The position can also extend the neck as your chin lies down in the hole. The Comfy Client system also solves this problem as it includes a padded “c” shaped cushion for your forehead to rest on. This removes all pressure from your face.

Massage provides so many benefits it is vital that you are not discouraged by an uncomfortable experience. By utilising these tips you will have many relaxing, comfortable massage treatments.  At Breathe Holistic Therapy your comfort is our priority and we can adapt our treatments to suit your needs.

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