Your baby Reflexology Package

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Every baby is unique, and so is every mum, and every family! With Breathe Holistic Therapy you can choose to learn baby reflexology exactly how you want to! If a group setting isn't for you then why not try a one-to-one environment?

One to one baby massage and reflexology instruction is available at flexible times to suit you and your baby.  You pick from a menu of choices so the instruction is tailored to meet your individual needs. So if its colic, for example, that is making your baby scream then you can learn techniques for colic relief.

This form of baby massage and reflexology instruction is very flexible so please do contact me to discuss your needs. Some people for example like to learn as a couple, so you can both come along. In some cases parents learn better when the baby isn't there to distract them, that's ok too! If you have twins, thats no problem either. As its on-to-one we don't have to wait until your baby has had their jabs, so no need to struggle with problems, you can learn as soon as you need to. Plus I can come to you so your baby has its familiar surroundings which can take away some of the anxiety for you. Some people want to learn before their baby is born, so you can come along and learn the basic routines and be extra prepared for enjoying time with your new baby.

One-to-one instruction is bespoke but it is not as expensive as you may think.  You can learn so much in a short period of time, and you learn what you need, so it is an accessible way of learning to suit you.

£20.00 for one hour or £55.00 for a course of three at Breathe Holistic Therapy.

£25.00 for one hour or £70.00 for a course of three at your home. (up to 12 miles from DY11 5LB)

Baby reflexology instruction menu:

Each of the choices listed below equals one session of about an hour. You will know exactly what your baby needs so you can choose the instruction to suit you from the list below:

  1. Baby reflexology basic routine.
  2. Colic relief
  3. Teething relief
  4. Catarrh
  5. Irritability
  6. Sleeping issues
  7. Bowels

If you have concerns about your babies health please contact your health care practitioner. Reflexology is a complementary therapy and not a replacement for medical care or diagnosis.

Many parents choose to learn baby reflexology because they benefited from and enjoyed maternity reflexology during their pregnancies. If you have no experience of reflexology you can find out more here: Reflexology.  Or why not book yourself in for a treatment to experience the pleasure of reflexology for yourself? 

If you book a course of three baby reflexology sessions you receive £10.00 off a reflexology treatment for yourself, so everyone can enjoy reflexology!

 For more information or to chat about your baby call 0753 1121199 or e-mail me