Aroma Reflexology

Reflexology and aromatherapy: a perfect combination

Reflexology is a relaxing soothing treatment enhanced when combined with aromatherapy oils tailored to your specific needs. Aromatherapy combined with reflexology is an ultimate treat for your senses combining therapeutic touch with essential oils blended just for you. By chosing to add essential oils to reflexology your treatment is enhanced.

We may enjoy pampering ourselves with a bath infused with scented oils, or use essential oils to add our favourite aromas to our homes.  We instinctively know that certain aromas can have a positive effect on our mind.

At Breathe Holistic Therapy Aromatherapy oils can be blended for your unique physical and emotional needs. The oils are chosen after a full consultation to meet your requirements. Aroma Reflexology treatments are available by appointment in the comfort of Breathe Holsitic Therapy's Kidderminster home treatment room.

Why choose Aroma Reflexology?

  • Aromatherapy oils may be chosen for example to aid relaxation, energise or promote calm.
  • Physical complaints can be targeted such as tight muscles, sinus pain or hormonal problems.
  • There are many scientific studies that demonstrate how essential oils can positively effect mood and the sense of well-being. Read more about aromatherapy research here.
  • Essential oils can also have a positive effect on your skin, providing for example antiseptic or anti fungal benefits, ideal for the feet.
  • Aroma Reflexology is a treat for your senses.

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