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Baby reflexology is a simple but effective treatment loved by parents and babies too. This soothing fuss free treatment can be used anywhere and when combined with massage it is a real baby treat!

If you've never had reflexology or maybe never heard of it you can find out more about reflexology .


Baby and infant reflexology and massage are beneficial for you and your baby in so many ways. Being a new mum can sometimes seem like a never ending cycle of feeding and dirty nappies. Massaging your baby gives you a time when you can relax and be together. Did you know, for example, that baby massage can help you feel better yourself and more confident with your baby. Thanks to its recognised benefits - research has shown massage reduces stress hormones. Baby massage and reflexology is a wonderful way to bond with your baby.

Baby reflexology and massage can help to relieve a wide range of common aliments including trapped wind, constipation, colic, teething pain and sinus congestion. The use of oils on your baby's skin can also help to improve the overall condition of his skin which can be particularly useful if your baby suffers from dry skin, eczema or cradle cap.

With Breathe Holistic Therapy you can learn a combination of reflexology and massage, a skill to help you and your baby. 

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one-to-one baby reflexology 

Learn this valuable skill at flexible times to suit your baby and you.  The instruction is designed for you and your baby,  tailored to meet their individual needs. So if its colic, for example, that is making your baby scream then you can learn techniques for colic relief. 

£20.00 for one hour or £55.00 for a course of three at Breathe Holistic Therapy.

£25.00 for one hour or £70.00 for a course of three at your home.*

*Home visits available up to 12 miles from kidderminster DY11. If you live further away please do call me for a quote.

Find out more on baby reflexology, including a video of a basic baby reflexology routine.

Please call or  e-mail me  for more details, and to discuss your individual needs.