Fertility and Preconception Reflexology

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Are you planning to become parents for the first time or extending your family? Many couples now look to reflexology to promote their well being, both physically and emotionally, before becoming pregnant.  Taking time out to enjoy reflexology is one way to really take care of yourselves and enhance your preparation for pregnancy.  A 90 minute appointment provides vital time to focus on your needs, a valuable treatment for both of you. 

Trying to conceive can be a wonderful and exciting time but, unfortunately for many couples trying to become conceive can also become a time of painful disappointment and anxiety. There can be many reasons for sub-fertility including stress, life style factors and physical health. For some couples there seems to be no reason at all. The effects of sub fertility on couples should not be underestimated. The correct support is often vital to assist the couple at this time.

A number of complementary therapies may be used to help couples trying to conceive and reflexology can play a very valuable role. It is a natural and noninvasive therapy which can help to balance the body to promote health and wellness for the couple during this time. The quest for a child can become desperate and soul consuming. The reduction in anxiety and fear brought about by reflexology can be very beneficial to help couples relax and begin to feel more positive about their fertility. Reflexology can proceed alongside medical investigation, many doctors in this field recognise the beneficial role reflexology can play. A number of other supportive therapies such as hypnotherapy can work safely and successfully alongside medical investigation.

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Joanne Marie Bsc VTCT