Is 2011 your year to start putting your needs first?

Happy new year!

I hope 2011 has started well. I have been thinking that it is time to start putting my needs further up the to-do list. How often do you find yourself thinking of things you'd love to do for your well being but saying you don't have the time? This year is where I start to move my wishes up that list.

This time of year the days are dull, the nights are long and it's easy to feel exhausted and plain old fed up! It is so important to look after yourself and not allow life to leave you feeling run down.  Treating yourself to massage or reflexology can really lift your mood and energy levels.  Treating yourself doesn't have to take hours and if its reflexology you love then I can even come to you!  Yes, to enjoy and hour of blissful relaxation all you have to do is call and arrange a reflexology home visit.

If you think 2011 is the time when you move your needs up the to-do list then I say "go for it!!" I am promising myself a little more love and care this year.Time to breathe.

Good luck with your new year and your time to breathe too.