Ideas to encourage a breech baby to turn

The optimal foetal position for birthing is babies head down, but sometimes babies get comfortable in the womb with their buttocks or feet down towards the cervix. Before the pregnancy reaches about 37 weeks it does not matter if the baby is breech because many will turn, but 3-4% do not and this presents problems for a vaginal birth. This how to article looks at ways to convince or encourage a breech baby to turn before their due date.

It is helpful to regularly use forward leaning positions. This allows more available space in the pelvis for your baby to turn. Spending time on all fours can help baby bring their back forward, washing floors and skirting boards is a useful activity. When kneeling spend some time with your head lowered and your bottom in the air. I know it doesn't sound great but it gives baby lots of space to move! Kneeling on the floor over a large bean bag or cushion can also be a good position, maybe try this while watching T.V.

Try swimming on your front. This allows your abdomen to relax forward again giving baby more potential room to turn if they feel inclined!

The Chinese believe the baby is lying in breech position due to cold energies ( chi ) and by applying heat you can encourage baby to turn. Only apply heat as comfortable and safe, for example a warmed flannel. Also, keep your feet warm and avoid chilled drinks again to keep heat in the chi energies

Visit a maternity reflexologist. There are certain points on your feet which can encourage baby to become more active. If baby becomes more active then there is a chance they may kick themselves around.  The Federation of Holistic Therapists in the U.K. can provide lists of qualified and insured therapists.

You may experience a very uncomfortable amount of movement when baby turns, or it may happen when you are sleeping. You should loose the uncomfortable lump under your rib cage which is especially apparent when trying to climb out of the bath! 

Please try not to worry and always talk any concerns through with your midwife or obstetrician. Do not blame yourself, your baby is not in the breech position because of anything you did or did not do.  Always consult your midwife / health professional prior to implementing advise as the information  is not a replacement for antenatal care.

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