Father's Day Treats : 19th June

Kidderminster is the home of the best Dad in the world!

Well, yes I'm biased but I bet you are thinking of what to buy your best dad in the world for Father's day?  If he is anything like mine he still has unopened boxes of smellies from Christmas past, more books than he could ever read, every gardening gizmo and gadget.... lots still in boxes no doubt! So what can you buy to show him how great he is?

I know my Dad loves to put his feet up, who doesn't? So why not treat your dad to the ultimate feet up treat... reflexology! This specialised foot massage is wonderfully relaxing and helps ease the stresses and strains of everyday life. Men may not be used to treating themselves to relaxing massages or spa treats but reflexology is accessible and as easy as popping off your shoes and putting your feet up. To make it even more convenient home visits are available.

Gift vouchers are available so just  e-mail me  or call 0753 1121199 to arrange your father's day treat.


Reflexology Kidderminster. Please contact Jo 0753 1121199

Posted on June 7, 2011 .