Hypnotherapy and my arachnophobia

Reflexology and massage are fantastic treatments with many benefits but when appropriate I recommend other treatments to my clients.  For some of life's challenges there are other therapy options which work especially well alongside my therapies. I often discuss how beneficial hypnotherapy can be for tackling our unwanted habits and phobias. I have used hypnotherapy in the past and found it very relaxing and it definitely helped me kick my smoking habit many years ago. That really was a life enhancing change for the better.

I had until recently avoided tackling my spider phobia, but with another autumn approaching and the march of the big house spiders across my hallway about to start  I decided to try hypnotherapy.  I enjoy the relaxing process and knew I would benefit from the treatment but like many people who try to make big changes I wasn't sure I could shake this phobia. I made my appointment with hypnotherapist Mark Powlett and he promised me he wouldn't have any spiders hidden around to test me! He used a combination of hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Technique (the tapping therapy) to address my spider phobia. I had one appointment which lasted about an hour.

So.... did it work??


The spider is real and that's me holding it! So I would say YES!!!  I was amazed at how completely unafraid I was. I was curious about the spider but not anxious at all. I am so glad I decided to tackle my life long spider phobia and I will absolutely continue to recommend hypnotherapy to my clients.

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Posted on September 5, 2012 and filed under hypnotherapy.