Mobile Reflexology

Try reflexology to boost you in 2013

Its the new year and as a combination of the Christmas period and the grey weather many of us are feeling emotionally drained and physically exhausted. To lift ourselves out of this we often focus on new year resolutions as a way to move into the year in a positive frame of mind.  Looking at our behaviour and aiming to change it to help us feel better is a great move, but we all know how hard it is to make those changes.

New year resolutions often fail before January is over, leaving us feeling unsatisfied with our life style choices. Unhealthy behaviours can be adopted as a way to cope with stress, for some its smoking and for others its drinking alcohol or eating sugary foods. Trying to stop these things can cause more stress and so the unhealthy circle continues.  Why not choose to add in behaviours to help manage stress and cope with anxiety instead of stopping the unhealthy coping methods straight away. If you can lower stress then those behaviours can be easier to stop.

Reflexology and massage is a brilliant stress buster. Clients often say how they have never felt more relaxed as they feel the stress melt away. With mobile treatments you don't even have to travel. There is no need to plan your route to the salon, search out a parking space or run the always present errands on your way into town.  Simply book your treatment and relax. The mobile reflexology therapist at Breathe Holsitic Therapy will bring everything you need. You just put your feet up and feel your stress melt away.

Mobile reflexology treatments are available within 12 miles of DY11, including: Stourbridge, Droitwich, Hagley, Worcester and Bewdley.

If you would prefer to visit the reflexologist at the treatment room that is also available

For Reflexology in Kidderminster. Please contact 0753 1121199