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Reflexology for Babies and children 

I was lucky enough to attend an infant and baby  reflexology workshop this weekend with Jennifer Wayte the president of the Federation of Holistic Therapists.  Meeting other reflexologists that work with Babies and infants was a wonderful way to discuss our great experiences working with babies and infants.

Infant reflexology follows the same principle of adult reflexology, reflex points within the hands and feet which correspond with specific organs and body parts within the body itself.  Due to the size and sensitivity of the infant foot the treatment is actually more penetrating and effective.  It is vital to keep movements light and treatments short.  Generally baby reflexology only takes 5 to 6 minutes to perform making it a great  for families to build into their day to day lives.

Touch has been shown to be necessary for infants to thrive, for bonding between parents, grandparents and siblings.   Infant Reflexology is used to comfort and nurture infants.   It is a natural tool to enhance the infant’s wellbeing and is a simple skill for  parent/guardian to learn and enjoy performing. 

The outcomes for the infant are often experienced immediately and can soothe an upset infant or help to relieve such discomforts such as tummy pains or constipation.

  All infants will react in their own personal way but the usual responses are:

 1. Falling asleep during or after the treatment

 2. Bowel movement

 3. Sneezing

 4. Becoming thirsty or hungry

 5. A slight sweating

There are numerous positive outcomes to reflexology and many childhood discomforts that can be relieved:-

 Relaxation and calming  

 Improved quality of life

 Teething problems

 Digestive problems

 Aids sleep and sleep patterns

 Sinus congestion

 The loving touch creating comfort and support

 Boosted immune system

 Encourage bonding and confidence

 Easing tantrums and in calming a hyperactive child

 Easing teething pain

 A natural medium for the child’s need for tactile stimulation.

 Calm a fractious infant

 It is important to recognise the work done by Jenny Lee  who is a Chartered Physiotherapist, reflexologist and teacher.   She carried out pilot studies in conjunction with children's GPs, to examine the effects of Reflexology on childhood asthma attacks. The outcome of those studies revealed one third of doctors found they could reduce medication and coughing and the need for the relief puffer was reduced. The sleeping pattern was also improved. This research has enabled reflexologists to learn how to deliver infant reflexology training to parents for assisting their children's well being and strengthening the loving bond.

 Infant reflexology is simple to learn. At Breathe Holistic Therapy we provide one-to-one sessions that allow you to learn the basics in just one hour. Follow up appointments allow you to learn techniques specifically tailored to your babies needs.  For more information call 07531121199. or e-mail me

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