Royal Baby Reflexology!

The royal baby and baby reflexology

The birth of a baby is an exciting time for family and friends, but the upcoming birth of a new royal baby seems to have the whole country excited.  The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge checked into hospital this morning, the imminent birth has got the media in a frenzy of speculation.  At Breathe Holistic Therapy we hope The Duchess is having a postitive birth experience.  There were rumours that Kate Middleton was embracing hypnobirthing to prepare her for labour, so hopefully she is calm and feeling relaxed as she breathes her baby into the world.

New babies can bring with them new beginnings. With kate's apparent openness to holistic therapies and her father-in-laws strong interest in complementary therapy (which he considers as integrated therapy) perhaps the new royal baby may mark the start of a wider appreciation of complementary therapies such as reflexology. It would be wonderful for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to calm their baby with reflexology and maybe enhance breast feeding with essential oils. Opening up the possibility of complementary therapy in family lives would be a brilliant benefit for families across the country.

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Posted on July 22, 2013 and filed under maternity.