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What is a home treatment room?

Your Questions Answered.

Breathe holistic therapy has been based at a home treatment room in Kidderminster since 2008. Clients regularly comment on how calming and relaxing the room is, but before they arrive some have questions about what to expect.

  • Is it like being treated in you sitting room?

 The treatment room is used exclusively for Breathe Holistic Therapy treatments. It was initially a bedroom many years ago but is now equipped as a therapy room. Clients find it a calming and private setting, many say how just entering the room helps them to begin to relax. When arriving you will be greeted at the front door and shown to the treatment room. This does not involve passing through any family rooms, simply up a flight of stairs. If you have difficulty with stairs please do contact us to discuss your options.

  • Is it noisy?

Every effort is made to ensure a quiet and calm environment. There may be outside noise but as the room is situated on a quiet street this is generally minimal. The most regular noise is from the birds in the bushes outside the window. Any household noises are avoided as much as possible. Clients have commented on how they find salon or spa based  rooms quite noisy at times, especially if situated near to the reception or in a busy town centre. At Breathe Holistic Therapy there is no reception outside the room so no chatter from clients coming and going, or receptionist busy with phone calls. 

  • Where can I park?

The therapy room has a car parking space on the drive outside. This means you can park right outside the door. Appointments are arranged so clients leave before the next appointment arrives. This ensures that no cars get blocked in.

  • Are there toilet facilities?

There is a bathroom next door to the treatment room. This is cleaned prior to clients and all personal effects are removed from sight. Whilst therapies are taking place the toilet is used only by the therapist and clients. You will not be disturbed by people using the facilities during your appointment. 

  • Do I meet other household members?

This is a common concern, but your appointment is with the therapist and they will be there to greet you and show you to the room. At no time do you meet any other household members or pets.

  • Is the therapist distracted by household concerns?

When working the therapist is focused on the client. Their attention is on your needs and not those of the household. Your treatment is the priority and the setting of the treatment room does not impact on that. Many clients say that they feel the therapist is more focused because they are not thinking about clients already waiting outside.

If you have any more questions regarding the home treatment room or any treatments please do not hesitate to call on 07531 121199.

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Posted on November 27, 2014 and filed under hypnotherapy, reflexology.