Hypnotherapy Relaxation for Exam Stress and Anxiety

exam stress

Click for a ten minute relaxation MP3 to promote calm and reduce stress and anxiety for all ages.

Exam season is upon us, from primary school SATS to A levels  children and young people are expressing how they are struggling with exam stress.

Children as young as ten are worried that poor exam performance will have a bad effect on their lives.  many children are so anxious about their SATS that they are too nervous to eat before school, a recent survey found. The survey showed a startling 72% of the primary school children felt pressured at exam time.

Hypnotherapy relaxation is one technique that even the youngest child can enjoy.

Symptoms of exam nerves and anxiety can include feeling sick, sweaty palms, sleeping problems,  loss of appetite and frequent loss of temper. As a parent you know your child best and every individual has a different response to stress and anxiety.  Hypnotherapy is a common method of helping children cope with exam stress. Visualisation techniques can encourage a child to clear their racing mind and approach the exam feeling calm.  Controlling anxiety in this way can help increase concentration levels allowing knowledge to be accessed more easily.  This can lead to better results along with calmer children! 

Hypnotherapy in the run up to exams can be used to increase confidence and motivation, improve concentration and lower anxiety. Learning how to relax can help children focus and revise more easily. Tackling any child's fear of failure can allow them to approach an exam with more perspective and less fear.  

There are many ways available to help your child manage their stress levels better and reduce anxiety. The NHS have advise online to assist families to cope at exam time. This includes practical considerations such as promoting good sleep routines at exam times and providing healthy food and adequate hydration. Talking to your child about how they are feeling is also important.  They suggest reminding your child that nervousness is normal and natural and not something to feel overwhelmed by.  Focusing on their achievements in life and building their confidence is also important.  Listen and support them without being critical whilst also helping them to keep the exam in perspective.  

This can be a difficult time for the whole family and you do not need to cope alone. Along with the NHS advise there are many sources of support online.  Childline have produced a leaflet full of advise for beating exam stress. If you are concerned about your child please do speak to their school or if you feel necessary consult your GP.