Bringing Breathe Blogs together

 A clearer path for Breathe Blog.

 A clearer path for Breathe Blog.

As Breathe Holistic Therapy has developed over the last 9 years I have introduced a number of specialised blogs with their own aim and focus including this reflexology research blog.  This blog was the first. It was born out of my desire to share with clients and colleagues interesting developments related to my work as a reflexologist and maternity therapist.  I have discussed many issues over the years and chose to start separate blogs for research and media posts.

Each of these blogs include informative and interesting posts exploring subjects all relating to one thing: the work of Breathe Holistic Therapy and needs and interests of my clients. After spending time thinking about the experience of reading the blogs I have decided to consolidate all the blogs into one. I believe this will make the posts more accessible and easier to find, a better experience for readers. All future posts sharing interesting pieces of reflexology research, hypnotherapy research and media reports will now be posted on this blog.

All the previous posts will still remain published on their own specialised blog and can be read or shared again, remaining available to you into the future. I have added the links below so it's easy to pop back and explore old posts. I hope you find the single blog more accessible and continue to enjoy reading.

Posted on July 8, 2016 .