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Stress Management - Back to basics.... breathe....

I have been studying some different forms of stress management over the past few weeks, such as holistic massage. There are many effective techniques available but what has struck me is the importance of one essential thing .... taking time to breathe!

Breathe holistic therapy was born out of this central aim to help my clients find their own time to breathe and relax, hence the name!   Revisiting stress management and overcoming anxiety this week has reminded me of the power of calm controlled deep breathing.

If you feel yourself getting stressed, try to halt those feelings in their tracks by taking deep comfortable breaths. Start by inhaling for three seconds, then exhale for a little longer. Continue this for several breaths until you feel calmer.  To help the process try to think only of the breaths

..... in....  out .... in ..... out .....

Then as you breathe out imagine you are breathing away the stress and anxiety, think about letting go of  the tension with every out breath.  This may sound too simple to work, but the effect of basic breathing exercises can be profound. Give it a try and find your time to breathe!

As always, if you are concerned about your health please do seek medical advice.


Posted on March 22, 2010 and filed under stress management.