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Mindfulness and Reflexology Blog 2019

road to future

I love mindfulness and reflexology, and I am lucky enough to enjoy a career which promotes relaxation and living in each moment, but I love a long term plan too. I find making plans can be great fun and lists can be very therapeutic, its just about keeping a balance between experiencing this present moment whilst also planning your journey for the future. With this in mind I’m going to share some plans for future blog posts here on my therapy blog.

One area of life that so many of my clients and friends talk about improving is sleep. For countless clients their poor quality sleep or insomnia limits their enjoyment of life. My friends are often exhausted and overwhelmed with the hectic nature of life, made almost impossible due to sleepless nights. I am planning to explore general advise on improving sleep, how holistic therapies can help and maybe some more quirky tricks for that much needed great nights sleep.

During the last year I have been invited to provide therapies in the work place much more frequently. I absolutely love arriving at an office environment or school to be met with enthusiastic greetings form staff looking forward to their in work reflexology or mindfulness. There has been a great deal of research on the benefits of promoting well being at work and employers are more commonly realising their role in the mental health of their workforce. I will be exploring this further during the year and hopefully visiting more and more companies to bring therapies into people’s working days.

I love working with pregnant clients and seeing mums in the postnatal period. This year I am aiming to gather more research on mindfulness in pregnancy as I believe this will be a most helpful skill for all new families. I also feel strongly that mothers in the postnatal period or fourth trimester are often placed under unrealistic levels of pressure. After childbirth our bodies are still going through huge changes and we have very special emotional and physical needs which are so often ignored. This fourth trimester is an area of maternity care which I am investigating more this year.

Mindfulness is still making an impact in the media. One area that I hope to look into is mindfulness in sport. The use of meditation and mindfulness techniques is a growing area of sports science which is exciting for both sport and the less sporty of us! Any research into optimising sport performance can be helpful for everyone as, even though I am not planning to run a marathon, knowing how to be at my best physically and mentally is clearly beneficial.

I think that is enough planning for one day, although I am sure there are many other ideas for this year running through my head….. and talking of running maybe I will think about that marathon!

Why Breathe?

My reflexology and hypno birthing clients often ask me why I chose the business name “Breathe Holistic Therapy”.

A number of things have popped up this week making it seem apt to take this opportunity to write here and explain the name. I use this blog to share information that may benefit my reflexology and hypnosis for birth clients or fellow therapists, I shy away from writing very personal blogs and only occasionally do. This entry however does go along a more personal path, lets hope it’s still a useful and interesting post!

"Breathe. You’re going to be okay. Breathe and remember that you’ve been in this place before. You’ve been this uncomfortable and anxious and scared, and you’ve survived. Breathe and know that you can survive this too. These feelings can’t break you. They’re painful and debilitating, but you can sit with them and eventually, they will pass. Maybe not immediately, but sometime soon, they are going to fade and when they do, you’ll look back at this moment and laugh for having doubted your resilience. I know it feels unbearable right now, but keep breathing, again and again. This will pass. I promise it will pass."
— Daniell Koepke

I was browsing pinterest a couple of days ago, I don’t tend to spend too much time on social media but I love skipping through the images, especially as I’m looking for inspiration for my new home in Kidderminster. I do get lots of quotes in my feed and one titled “Breathe” unsuprisingly jumped out at me.  This really summed up for me one of the reasons I chose breathe as a title for my work. I wanted to express how powerful breath is as a constant in our lives. How sometimes when life feels intolerable there are moments when all we need to do is breathe, when just breathing seems to be all we can do and that is enough.  

Hand in hand with this is my belief that taking time out to simply breathe when we are busy with our lives has benefits far beyond brief relaxation. When I started Breathe Holistic Therapy I was passionate about providing my clients with time and space to enjoy and embrace the experience of taking time out: time to breathe.

Many years ago I realised that I needed to be kinder to myself, and allowing myself to simply stop sometimes was key to that. I have always been goal driven, as so many of us are, and constantly searching for some form of perfection. I wrote a few words maybe 25 year ago that for me express this clearly and strongly, and while packing up for the house move I found them again.  It can be odd sometimes can't in when a number of things turn up that all get you thinking along the same lines!

joanne marie poem

Slow down, I need to breathe… taste the present… In those lines I hear myself talking about my desire to discover exactly what mindfulness meditation gives us. It took me another 20 years to discover mindfulness but the idea had certainly taken seed. I now find the three minute breathing space meditation incredibly valuable for myself and my clients. This short meditation provides for me the foundation of that wish to slow down and taste the present.

All the therapies I work with aim to fulfill my goal to give people time to breathe, to be present in their lives and to find resilience in that presence. Reflexology and mindfulness combined are for me especially key to this intention. Hypnosis for childbirth training also has the power of breathing at its core.  As my work grows and develops I am even more sure that Breathe was the right name for me!

For more information on anything here please do contact me.


Home Treatment Room

What is a home treatment room?

Your Questions Answered.

Breathe holistic therapy has been based at a home treatment room in Kidderminster since 2008. Clients regularly comment on how calming and relaxing the room is, but before they arrive some have questions about what to expect.

  • Is it like being treated in you sitting room?

 The treatment room is used exclusively for Breathe Holistic Therapy treatments. It was initially a bedroom many years ago but is now equipped as a therapy room. Clients find it a calming and private setting, many say how just entering the room helps them to begin to relax. When arriving you will be greeted at the front door and shown to the treatment room. This does not involve passing through any family rooms, simply up a flight of stairs. If you have difficulty with stairs please do contact us to discuss your options.

  • Is it noisy?

Every effort is made to ensure a quiet and calm environment. There may be outside noise but as the room is situated on a quiet street this is generally minimal. The most regular noise is from the birds in the bushes outside the window. Any household noises are avoided as much as possible. Clients have commented on how they find salon or spa based  rooms quite noisy at times, especially if situated near to the reception or in a busy town centre. At Breathe Holistic Therapy there is no reception outside the room so no chatter from clients coming and going, or receptionist busy with phone calls. 

  • Where can I park?

The therapy room has a car parking space on the drive outside. This means you can park right outside the door. Appointments are arranged so clients leave before the next appointment arrives. This ensures that no cars get blocked in.

  • Are there toilet facilities?

There is a bathroom next door to the treatment room. This is cleaned prior to clients and all personal effects are removed from sight. Whilst therapies are taking place the toilet is used only by the therapist and clients. You will not be disturbed by people using the facilities during your appointment. 

  • Do I meet other household members?

This is a common concern, but your appointment is with the therapist and they will be there to greet you and show you to the room. At no time do you meet any other household members or pets.

  • Is the therapist distracted by household concerns?

When working the therapist is focused on the client. Their attention is on your needs and not those of the household. Your treatment is the priority and the setting of the treatment room does not impact on that. Many clients say that they feel the therapist is more focused because they are not thinking about clients already waiting outside.

If you have any more questions regarding the home treatment room or any treatments please do not hesitate to call on 07531 121199.

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Comfy Client Cushion for massage

At Breathe Holistic Therapy we know all clients are unique and we strive to ensure comfort during treatments. Massage is a relaxing treatment with emotional and physical benefits, but if you aren't comfortable you can't reap the rewards. Client comfort is a priority and even with a high quality massage couch lying flat is not always easy. Our bodies are not flat! Regardless of our body shape, curvy, toned, slim or muscled, none of us are flat enough to lie on our faces or straight on our backs. 

There are a number if issues expressed by clients such as:

  • Both males and females have curved fronts, breast tissue and genitals. The prone position can exert pressure on this tissue. 
  • Compression from  the face hole can be painful for sensitive sinuses.
  • Breathing can feel obstructed which causes anxiety.
  • Joints, especially arthritic areas, can feel pressure from the couch.
  • The lower back can feel stretched or compressed depending on the individuals physical build.
  • General discomfort can cause fidgeting which stops relaxation developing.

We wanted to alleviate these issues. After research we discovered a fantastic product called the Comfy Client. This ergonomically designed system supports and contours to the individuals body shape.The Comfy Client massage system will ensure you have the most relaxing massage with no comfort issues.

Along with comfort hygiene is also a priority at Breathe Holistic Therapy. The cushions have NHS approved covers which are wipe clean, washable, bacteria resistant and CE marked. This allows you to relax into the cushions knowing they are perfectly clean and hygienic.

You may have your own individual comfort concerns about massage. We are able to provide treatments adapted to your unique needs. For some clients a side position is preferable.This is the recommended position for pregnancy massage.  A full body massage can be provided with you comfortably positioned on your side. It is, however, more suitable for a relaxing treatment as in this position deep work on the back is not generally possible.

For people who don't wish to lie down relaxing massage is still possible. You could choose a seated head and shoulder massage. Another option is reflexology as this is performed comfortably reclined in a chair.

Whatever your physical shape or physical abilities massage is available for you, please call to discuss your needs: 0753 1121199  or e-mail me.