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Comfy Client Cushion for massage

At Breathe Holistic Therapy we know all clients are unique and we strive to ensure comfort during treatments. Massage is a relaxing treatment with emotional and physical benefits, but if you aren't comfortable you can't reap the rewards. Client comfort is a priority and even with a high quality massage couch lying flat is not always easy. Our bodies are not flat! Regardless of our body shape, curvy, toned, slim or muscled, none of us are flat enough to lie on our faces or straight on our backs. 

There are a number if issues expressed by clients such as:

  • Both males and females have curved fronts, breast tissue and genitals. The prone position can exert pressure on this tissue. 
  • Compression from  the face hole can be painful for sensitive sinuses.
  • Breathing can feel obstructed which causes anxiety.
  • Joints, especially arthritic areas, can feel pressure from the couch.
  • The lower back can feel stretched or compressed depending on the individuals physical build.
  • General discomfort can cause fidgeting which stops relaxation developing.

We wanted to alleviate these issues. After research we discovered a fantastic product called the Comfy Client. This ergonomically designed system supports and contours to the individuals body shape.The Comfy Client massage system will ensure you have the most relaxing massage with no comfort issues.

Along with comfort hygiene is also a priority at Breathe Holistic Therapy. The cushions have NHS approved covers which are wipe clean, washable, bacteria resistant and CE marked. This allows you to relax into the cushions knowing they are perfectly clean and hygienic.

You may have your own individual comfort concerns about massage. We are able to provide treatments adapted to your unique needs. For some clients a side position is preferable.This is the recommended position for pregnancy massage.  A full body massage can be provided with you comfortably positioned on your side. It is, however, more suitable for a relaxing treatment as in this position deep work on the back is not generally possible.

For people who don't wish to lie down relaxing massage is still possible. You could choose a seated head and shoulder massage. Another option is reflexology as this is performed comfortably reclined in a chair.

Whatever your physical shape or physical abilities massage is available for you, please call to discuss your needs: 0753 1121199  or e-mail me.