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Gift vouchers available for that special Christmas present

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You can give someone a gift they will remember this christmas with gift vouchers from Breathe Holistic Therapy Kidderminster.  The gift of precious "me time" will allow your loved ones to take time out for themselves. A glorious gift of relaxation.

Gift vouchers can be purchased for either a specific treatment such as reflexology or for a cash amount. The choice is yours. You can be sure you friends and loved ones enjoy a treat that's just right for them. This gift allows your friends and family to enjoy a treatment when they may not usually take precious time out for themselves.

Are searching for a present to show someone how much you appreciate them? There is no better way than focusing on their well being with a blissfully relaxing reflexology treatment. Do you love reflexology yourself?  Sharing this wonderful treatment with a gift voucher can introduce the benefits of reflexology to friends and family enhancing their well being.

If it's a mum-to-be you want to treat then there are gift voucher options perfect for pregnancy. Maternity reflexology or massage are greatly enjoyed and appreciated after the first trimester of pregnancy. Baby reflexology and massage are great skills for new parents and a wonderful unusual gift that they will continue appreciate for years to come.

Buying a voucher is relaxing for you too, simply contact me and we can discuss your choices, then the voucher will be in the post to either yourself or the recipient. Payment is easy too either by bank transfer or paypal.  

Below is a list of treatments available, but you can always pick a cash amount and allow the recipient to choose exactly what suits their needs.  If you have any questions please do call       07531 121199 or  e-mail me. 


£55 one hour

£250 for full course of five hours training


£40  90 minutes

£30   one hour

Reflexology home treatment
(up to 12 miles from DY11 5LB)

£45  90 minutes

£35   one hour

Reflexology and mindfulness

£40  90 minutes

Maternity reflexology

£40  90 minutes

£30  one hour

Maternity back massage


Maternity body massage


Baby reflexology 1-1 instruction.


(Please request home visit prices) 

Mother's Day treats for new mums.


Aromatherapy, reflexology and massage are perfect for new mothers: It'll be just the treat they need.


Holistic therapies such as massage and reflexology offer new mums some valuable "me-time" and can really help her in the transition from pregnancy to being a mum.  Therapies for new mums can help relieve aches and pains, promote and support lactation and boost her confidence and self esteem. A real feel good gift.

Many mums enjoy therapies such as reflexology and massage during their pregnancy but its so easy to forget their own needs once their baby is born.  I can remember when I was a new mum and some days I don't think I even thought about myself enough to reach for my hair brush! Booking a therapy for a new mum may help them to recover from the birth both physically and emotionally. Its a perfect way to support them at this exciting and special time of change.

Breast feeding is wonderful for both  mum and baby but sometimes nature needs a little extra support. Aromatherapy can be used to promote lactation. Fennel oil is contraindicated in pregnancy but is brilliant for stimulating lactation.  This oil can be used mixed with a carrier oil and used to perform a foot massage while the mother is feeding. This has been shown by midwives to encourage the hormonal process that facilitates milk production. 

Mothers are often concerned about essential oils in their breast milk, but as the dose are so small to begin with there appear to be no effects.  If, however, mum uses essential oils on her breasts, maybe if she has breast pain, it is advisable that she washes her breasts before feeding.

At Breathe Holistic Therapy post natal treatments can be adapted to the new mother so she finds a comfortable position to relax and enjoy the therapy.  Home visits are also available. The therapist is experienced with maternity clients and aware of the potential medical issues after pregnancy. To ensure the new mums safety in the first  days after delivery a midwife prepared health checklist is used.  Comfort and safety are priorities for all treatments.

A mum's first Mother's day is always a special time. It's always lovely when I see my maternity clients as new mums enjoying a treatment given as a gift for their first mother's day.  Don't forget all mums deserve a treat and not just on Mother's day!

Advice should be taken before using essential oil in pregnancy or the initial post natal period.

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