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Childbirth and hypnotherapy


As a hypnotherapist I'm always interested to read about hypnotherapy in the media.

A recent article explored the dramatic rise in hypnosis for childbirth. 


The newspaper explained how a hospital local to Kidderminster, Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals NHS trust, has seen a three fold increase in mothers attending hypno birthing sessions in the last five years.  Although the overall percentages of mums to be attending are low, around five percent, the increase shows a significant trend in a move towards hypnotherapy support for childbirth. 

Teri Gavin-Jones, a midwife from Colchester expressed this important shift in acceptance of this technique " Give it ten years and hypnobirthing will be standard antenatal practice"   The Colchester University Trust has seen a massive rise of 20 fold in the number of expectant mothers taking the courses. Since the initiative was introduced in 2012 those participating has risen from 48 to 960.

Hypnosis for child birth involves teaching women and potentially their partners to relax and breathe more easily, learning to remove the fear associated with the anticipated pain of child birth.  Hypnosis can be a way to empower couples to experience the birthing process with less dread and apprehension., but instead with a sense of calm anticipation.

I am excited to be attending a specialised course in natal hypnotherapy next month.  I will be training with Sharon Mustard who has 19 years experience in hypnosis for childbirth. The easibirthing model has been developed within the united kingdom in consultation with midwives to reflect birthing methods in the UK.  

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Posted on August 20, 2015 and filed under hypnotherapy, maternity.