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Reflexology and Hypnotherapy in the news

I'm always interested to see reflexology and hypnotherapy in the news.

I may not know very much about the magazine stars but I am  pleased to see the therapies I am passionate about discussed.  This week I have read about actress  Samia Ghadie benefiting from maternity reflexology and enjoying baby reflexology.  Also,  Kim Kardashian is reportedly using hypnotherapy to encourage her breech baby to turn.

In her blog for OK magazine Samia Ghadie discusses her use of reflexology in her pregnancy and how she is now learning baby reflexology with her baby Yves:

I mentioned a couple of blogs back how reflexology had helped alleviate my pregnancy back pain. Since then I've started a baby reflexology course with Yves.
We've had 2 sessions so far and it's been so cute seeing all the babies on their changing mats ready for their pampering! 
We've focused on learning how to calm baby down when they get a bit grizzly and also how to help their digestion and common complaints like reflux and constipation. I've been practicing on Yves everyday and it is really making a difference.

Baby reflexology is a great skill for all parents, and it is really very easy to learn. Samia is attending a group which can be a lovely way to meet other mums but if you prefer to learn on an individual basis you can at Breathe Holistic Therapy.  Many mums, like Samia, choose to learn baby reflexology after enjoying reflexology in their pregnancy.  Reflexology for babies is also a technique that dads benefit from learning;  it can help them to feel more skilled and confident when handling their new babies.  

In a separate blog Kim Kardashian's  breech baby is discussed. Kim explains how she is trying everything she can to encourage her baby to turn into the head down position for child birth:

I even started acupuncture where I burn moxa (mugwort) on my pinky toe every day! I am even attempting hypnosis!

Hypnotherapy to turn breech babies has been researched and shown to be a  very successful intervention.  Relaxation and visualisation can help to create the right internal environment for a relaxed mum and relaxed uterus enabling the baby to move into the head down position. Letting go of fear and stress relating to child birth through hypnobirthing can  also promote the optimal position for the baby in the womb.

 For more information on either baby reflexology or hypnotherapy for breech presentation please do contact me.

Introducing Easibirthing® hypno birthing to Kidderminster.

As a hypnotherapist I was keen to train in hypno birthing, at Breathe Holistic Therapy supporting women to enjoy pregnancy and childbirth is one of our main aims.

Childbirth has the potential to be one of the most special experiences in a woman's life time. Birth is a natural physiological process. Each birth is unique, and easibirthing® is focused on empowering women to manage their individual experience, not fear it.

I  train  expectant parents to use self-hypnosis, relaxation, visualisation and breathing methods to prepare mind and body for birth. The easibirthing® method teaches  how to use hypnosis for pain management and aims to boost  trust in her body so she enters labour feeling calm, confident and in control. This involves reaching a state of deep relaxation, maintaining perception of control over the process and developing a positive confident attitude. 

·      easibirthing® is a UK  model which was developed with midwives and  complements UK birthing practices. It is a flexible approach that adapts to each unique client; and to empower them to manage whatever course their birth experience takes.

·      easibirthing® receives National Health Service funding in some parts of the country because it is an evidence-base tried and tested model.

·      As a easibirthing® practitioner I hold  the only hypnosis for childbirth qualification in the UK which is independently accredited (ie. by the nchp).  It is also essential to be a fully trained hypnotherapist before training as an easibirthing®  trainer. 

You can view  hypnosis for childbirth videos here: Hypnobirthing videos

Find out more about the benefits of feeling calm, confident and in control in childbirth: Anxiety in childbirth

I am passionate about supporting couples during pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. I know from personal experience how this wonderful experience can be blighted by stress and fear and I aim to work hard to promote a postitive pregnancy and birth for all my maternity clients.

for more information please do contact me.

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Stop Smoking day March 2015

Ways to stop smoking include nicotine replacement, hypnotherapy and will power. Which will you choose?

Deciding to stop smoking will be one of the best decisions you can make for your health and wellbeing. When I smoked I really didn't believe I would ever be a non-smoker, and if you are thinking of giving up smoking you may feel the same. But you can do it, it is absolutely possible when you find the techniques that are right for you.

I stopped smoking in 2007 after over 20 years and many many failed attempts, but I have to say I am still immensely proud of myself for finally becoming a non-smoker.  I tried will power and nicotine replacement which didn't work for me, but despite my reservations it was hypnotherapy and EFT the tapping therapy that helped me stop smoking. When I began to understand that I could control the cravings and they no longer controlled me I knew I could do it.

I don't know which method will work for you, but if you have decided to stop smoking there is one exercise you could do to help.

Firstly spend some time listing all the benefits of not smoking. Write down the positives such as " I will smell of my beautiful perfume" rather than " I won't smell of smoke". Take time to write a long list, include every positive change you can think of regardless of how small they may seem.  Try to include your feelings as well as practical items. When you have a long and personal list take a moment to rate out of ten how much you want to quit smoking. If it is ten out of ten then that's great, you are absolutely ready to stop smoking.  If you find you are maybe eight out of ten then spend some time looking at what makes up the two out of ten; why do you want to smoke? 

Once you have decided why you feel you need smoking it's time to use your imagination. Write down anything you could do at these times instead of smoking. These alternatives may seem ridiculous to begin with but the process will help you start to see that you could do things differently. Over the next week or so try out these alternatives, as long as they are safe and legal!! It doesn't matter if some of them don't work, but by making changes you can build your confidence and change your eight out of ten into a ten out of ten. 

You may already have tried many methods to stop smoking, I know I did, but there are lots of methods of support available to you.  You can find online advice from the BHF here and from the NHS here.

I found hypnotherapy helped me alot because it helped me to feel more relaxed and positive generally. I used smoking for stress relief and with the hypnotherapy I found that I was calmer and less anxious. I began to actually believe I could become a non-smoker.  Once you understand why you smoke from the exercise above you can choose the techniques that suit you best. 

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What is hypnotherapy?

I am currently working towards completing my training in clinical hypnotherapy. The most common question asked me is simply: what is hypnotherapy?

There are widely accepted to be  three main aspects to the process of hypnosis. These are relaxation, imagination and enactment. When someone enters hypnosis their conscious rationalising processes are reduced or quietened to allow access to their subconscious mind. This altered state of awareness is achieved when everything apart from what you hear fades into insignificance. This is similar to being engrossed in a television programme when everything else just falls into unimportance.

Whilst experiencing hypnotherapy the subconscious part of the mind continues to hear all that can be heard but is not subject to the same degree of rational conscious processing. You can hear everything that is said but you are not over thinking or analysing what is said. This allows therapeutic change to take place. During hypnotherapy you are not asleep or unconscious. 

The process of hypnotherapy includes deepening the state to enable the constant chatter of your mind to be quietened still further. The process is sensed as a deeper feeling of relaxation. Most people feel that hypnotherapy is wonderfully relaxing and calming. Some people may feel their body becoming heavy or alternatively quite light and floaty. When under hypnosis you are still able to move if you need to, for example to change position if you become uncomfortable.

Many people worry that they loose some of their control when going into hypnosis. This is not the case. A therapist cannot force a client to enter hypnosis but instead is only instrumental in helping the client to use an inability that we all possess.  Hypnosis can only be achieved with the co-operation of the client.

Another worry commonly expressed is that you are at the mercy of the hypnotherapist whilst hypnotised. This has largely been strengthened by stage hypnosis which often shows people performing ridiculous acts. A hypnotherapist cannot force someone to do something against their will. The people who participate in stage shows volunteer because they want to take part and they want to be entertaining. They are happy to be hypnotised to entertain the audience. If you chose to stay in your seat and not take part the hypnotist could not hypnotise you to get up onto the stage.  

Your conscious mind is quietened during hypnosis but it is not removed. If you received a suggestion that black was white it would intervene to ensure the correct perception was formed.  You are always protected by your rational and analytical conscious mind. 

Hypnotherapy sessions conclude with a reorientation to conscious awareness. This often takes the form of a count from one to five. People report feeling relaxed but alert and wide awake after hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is largely experienced as a calming pleasurable therapy which can have very profound results. The application of this therapy is wide ranging. Hypnotherapy has been used sucessfully for things from phobias to an anaesthetic for dental surgery. Even as a therapist experienced in hypnotherapy I was still amazed to see the open university video of a women having tooth extraction and replacment teeth pegs drilled and positioned with hypnotherapy and no anaesthetic.

I am excited to be completing my training in clinical hypnotherapy and keen to offer the service to my clients. I am consolidating my skills and will be offering hypnotherapy in kidderminster later in 2015. Hypnotherapy and reflexology have been combined by some therapsits and this will also be something Im excited to explore.

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Hypnotherapy and my arachnophobia

Reflexology and massage are fantastic treatments with many benefits but when appropriate I recommend other treatments to my clients.  For some of life's challenges there are other therapy options which work especially well alongside my therapies. I often discuss how beneficial hypnotherapy can be for tackling our unwanted habits and phobias. I have used hypnotherapy in the past and found it very relaxing and it definitely helped me kick my smoking habit many years ago. That really was a life enhancing change for the better.

I had until recently avoided tackling my spider phobia, but with another autumn approaching and the march of the big house spiders across my hallway about to start  I decided to try hypnotherapy.  I enjoy the relaxing process and knew I would benefit from the treatment but like many people who try to make big changes I wasn't sure I could shake this phobia. I made my appointment with hypnotherapist Mark Powlett and he promised me he wouldn't have any spiders hidden around to test me! He used a combination of hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Technique (the tapping therapy) to address my spider phobia. I had one appointment which lasted about an hour.

So.... did it work??


The spider is real and that's me holding it! So I would say YES!!!  I was amazed at how completely unafraid I was. I was curious about the spider but not anxious at all. I am so glad I decided to tackle my life long spider phobia and I will absolutely continue to recommend hypnotherapy to my clients.

Reflexology Kidderminster. Please contact 0753 1121199

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