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Pregnancy Massage Myths

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As a maternity massage therapist I was surprised to hear the reaction to pregnant Coronation Street character, Leanne Battersby, having a pregnancy massage. Many fans reacted with shock accusing writers of a massive blunder.

The character was taken to a spa as a treat by her sisters and during her visit she enjoyed a back massage.  Viewers expressed their opinions on twitter.  

One wrote on Twitter: “Erm, how did Leanne get a back massage when she is heavily pregnant #Corrie” while another added: “How has Leanne Battersby just laid on her front for a massage?”  A third agreed, writing: “How can you get a back massage with a massive bump?” Others speculated how she managed to have a back massage, with one writing: “Just how is Leanne going to get a back massage with that giant pillow stuffed up her? Is she going to stand or what?”   Viewers were baffled how a heavily pregnant woman would be able to get her back massaged without hurting the baby. One fan even expressed how she felt massage would bring on labour  "Massaging a pregnant woman? Doesn't that usually, er, prompt a delivery?"

I though maternity massage was quite a mainstream therapy, but it seems I am very wrong! The myth that you cannot enjoy massage in pregnancy is clearly still commonly held.  This is really sad as it must be preventing so many pregnant women from enjoying and benefiting from massage. 

Massage and other therapies such as maternity reflexology can be very supportive during pregnancy, helping to manage the many changes taking place both physically and emotionally. After the first scan at around 12 weeks is a great time to explore maternity therapies. It is important to visit a therapist training to work with pregnant clients and tell your midwife about your plans first. 

As one twitter user guessed:  “do you think Leanne lay on her side for her back massage? #practicalquestion #corrie”.  Yes, pregnancy back massage is usually performed in a side lying position with cushions to support the bump. The massage tables available with holes in to accomodate the bump are not advised as they put unnatural pressure on the uterus and surrounding muscles. 

If you are in the Kidderminster Worcestershire area please do contact me to discuss any questions you may have.

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Complementary Therapy During Pregnancy

Im Pregnant:

Can I have reflexology or massage?

Pregnancy is both an exciting and anxious time, your body goes through numerous physical and emotional changes as it anticipates childbirth and motherhood. In recent years more pregnant women are choosing to seek support at this important time in their life – alongside conventional maternity care – to help them relax and cope with any emotional and physical challenges pregnancy may bring. 

Yes, you can enjoy treatments during pregnancy but it is vital that every pregnant woman has complete confidence in their therapist. The Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT), an accredited voluntary register, has provided clear guidelines for therapists to ensure their members are working safely and confidently. They recommend that while pregnancy in itself is not an ‘illness’, it is considered a contraindication or ‘red flag’ for many treatments. FHT members need to consider very carefully whether a particular therapy, technique or product is appropriate or needs modifying in order to protect the health and safety of the mother-to-be and her unborn child. 

At Breathe Holistic Therapy our therapist, Joanne Marie, has received advanced training on working with pregnant clients as set out in the first section of the FHT guidelines. We provide maternity treatments with the consent of midwives and require all pregnant clients to seek permission to treat prior to their first treatment.  It is crucial that while pregnant conventional maternity care continues as complementary therapy should never be seen as a replacement for such care.

Before all maternity treatments at Breathe Holistic Therapy a maternity check list is completed to promote the safety of the mother to be and her unborn child. This has been designed by a midwife and highlights how our therapist places safety as the corner stone for all treatments.

During pregnancy massage and reflexology the client's comfort is ensured with time taken to find appropriate positioning. Every pregnant client is unique and their own needs are at the forefront of the treatment as well as considering the wider safety requirements. Massage is undertaken in a side lying position with the bump supported and the hips comfortable aligned. Reflexology uses a comfortable reclining chair until reclining becomes unsafe. It is essential that clients are not laid in the supine position in later pregnancy as this can compress the inferior vena cava and cause dizziness in mother but more importantly, reduce oxygenation to the baby, at this point a couch is used with the Comfy Clientcushion system to maintain back comfort. 

Many pregnant women seek treatment in their first trimester when some difficulties such as sickness are most severe. Unfortunately treatments are not available until after the scan at the end of the first trimester. This is not due to there being any specific risks at this time but an insurance guideline based on the very sad fact that three in every four miscarriages occur during the first trimester. 

Pregnancy is a wonderful time and you can choose to enjoy massage and reflexology. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call 07531121199 or e-mail me.

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Massage and reflexology during pregnancy

maternity anf foot.jpg

Pregnancy is a time of great change for a woman's body. Many physical changes alter the posture and this in turn can worsen the physical stress on the woman's body. Pregnancy is not an illness but some women experience complaints such as muscular aches and pains, headaches and swelling. Massage and reflexology can be an effective way of supporting women during pregnancy. These therapies can also benefit women emotionally, helping promote relaxation and connection with their baby.

It is essential to choose a therapist that is trained and experienced on maternity treatments. At Breathe Holistic Therapy our therapist has undertaken further training in working with pregnant clients. This includes training relating to serious complications of pregnancy and the importance of appropriate referral. Massage and reflexology are not a replacement for midwife or medical care. Our therapist works with the consent of your midwife or doctor to ensure the therapy is not contraindicated. Following professional guidelines we do not begin treatments until after your first scan at around 12 weeks.

Massage is a wonderful way to connect with your new pregnant body. Aches and tension may ease and muscles relax during the massage. You may be wondering how massage can be possible with your bump? At Breathe Holistic Therapy our therapist is trained in side lying massage techniques so you and your baby are both very comfortable.

Maternity reflexology is a popular treatment enjoyed by many women. There are a number of midwives and maternity wards that now include reflexology in their care. This treatment in pregnancy allows you to ease off your shoes and sit back to enjoy an hour of relaxation.  As you relax you convey positive, relaxed, tranquil emotions to your baby. A reflexology massage feels wonderful but also provides you with time to breathe and enjoy your pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a time of such change and transformation massage and reflexology can provide powerful tools to support  women at this exciting time. Working with pregnant clients is always a privilege and a wonderful aspect of the work at Breathe Holistic Therapy. 

For more information please call 07531121199 or e-mail me

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Mobile Reflexology

Try reflexology to boost you in 2013

Its the new year and as a combination of the Christmas period and the grey weather many of us are feeling emotionally drained and physically exhausted. To lift ourselves out of this we often focus on new year resolutions as a way to move into the year in a positive frame of mind.  Looking at our behaviour and aiming to change it to help us feel better is a great move, but we all know how hard it is to make those changes.

New year resolutions often fail before January is over, leaving us feeling unsatisfied with our life style choices. Unhealthy behaviours can be adopted as a way to cope with stress, for some its smoking and for others its drinking alcohol or eating sugary foods. Trying to stop these things can cause more stress and so the unhealthy circle continues.  Why not choose to add in behaviours to help manage stress and cope with anxiety instead of stopping the unhealthy coping methods straight away. If you can lower stress then those behaviours can be easier to stop.

Reflexology and massage is a brilliant stress buster. Clients often say how they have never felt more relaxed as they feel the stress melt away. With mobile treatments you don't even have to travel. There is no need to plan your route to the salon, search out a parking space or run the always present errands on your way into town.  Simply book your treatment and relax. The mobile reflexology therapist at Breathe Holsitic Therapy will bring everything you need. You just put your feet up and feel your stress melt away.

Mobile reflexology treatments are available within 12 miles of DY11, including: Stourbridge, Droitwich, Hagley, Worcester and Bewdley.

If you would prefer to visit the reflexologist at the treatment room that is also available

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Reflexology and Extreme Morning Sickness

Maternity ReflexologyWe learnt today that Catherine Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant and unfortunately experiencing extreme morning sickness.  Whilst sending warmest congratulations I also feel great empathy with the Duchess. Hyperemesis gravidarium is certainly not a good way to start a pregnancy. Although the condition rarely has any harmful lasting effects on mum - to - be  or the baby it is distressing and debilitating. I know this because I too was hospitalised with the condition. 

I assumed morning sickness was fleeting and mild, but for me and so many women it is far from that. The nausea and the sickness can last throughout the day and night, and throughout the entire pregnancy.  Hyperemesis gravidarium is not a condition that should be managed without medical support. This is a serious and difficult condition where the woman needs support both medically and emotionally.

Hyperemisis gravidarium is just one of the pregnancy conditions that can unfortunately blight this very special time in a couples' life. One of the driving forces behind my training and passion for reflexology and maternity reflexology was finding treatments to help make pregnancies positive again for women experiencing these issues.  Maternity reflexology is one of the treatments that can really help women enjoy their pregnancies. The balancing treatment helps the body during this time of great change.

At Breathe Holistic Therapy we work with midwives consent and generally do not see women before their 12 week scan. In cases of extreme difficulty and after thorough consultation with midwives reflexology can be performed before this time.

If you, like Catherine Duchess of Cambridge, are suffering from extreme morning sickness please do speak to your GP or midwife. Follow their advise but also consider complementary therapy as there may well be a treatment that suits your needs.

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Show your love on Valentines day .... and every day!

I know Valentines and other "hallmark" days aren't everyone's cup of tea, but I love them.  Yes, I agree its lovely to show people you care without the need for a special day, but a little reminder isn't always a bad idea!

It always makes me smile seeing men walking home from work on Valentine's day with bunches of flowers. The smile soon fades when I look at the prices! The cost of a red roses always makes my jaw drop. But you don't have to pay a premium price for Valentine's treats. Flowers are beautiful but why not try treating someone to relaxing massage or blissful reflexology. Gift vouchers can be purchased from Breathe Holistic Therapy without the increased Valentine's Day price tag.

Mums-to-be* don't have to miss out either. Maternity reflexology and pregnancy massage are wonderful gifts just when you deserve treating most of all.  Ease out aches and pains, relax and rest those tired,swollen feet with therapies designed especially for pregnancy.

Showing your love doesn't have to wait for a special date, but Valentines day can certainly brighten up a dull February, and if valentines isn't your thing then there is always another hallmark day just around the corner!

*treatments available after the 12 week scan.

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Tummy to Mummy event at Merry Hill

This weekend, Merry Hill is hosting a special Tummy to Mummy event from Friday 1 July - Sunday 3 July, for all mums and dads-to-be and new and existing parents.

Breathe Holistic Therapy will be there throughout the weekend providing reflexology taster sessions and giving information about maternity reflexology and baby reflexology.  Come along and see us by the main stage and book your free taster treat!

Visit  the three-day mother and baby event run by westfield to enjoy a range of exclusive offers with up to 20% off at selected stores, fantastic freebies and the chance to win a £1,000 baby shopping spree!

On Saturday 2 July we will be joined by the  former X-Factor and I'm A Celebrity queen of the jungle Stacey Solomon. Come along and see Stacey at the event and find out how she juggles her work commitments with motherhood plus her top tips on being a fashionable mum and more.

I look forward to meeting lots of local Mums-to-be, Dads-to-be and parents.


Jo Reflexologist Kidderminster

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"Reflexology helped make me a mother" Article in the press today.

I was excited to read about reflexology in the newspaper today. A wonderful article about Gabby Lamplugh who had two beautiful children with the help of reflexology. Gabby was a sceptic before the treatment but after three miscarriages she was prepared to try anything to help her have a healthy pregnancy. The couple had tried many lifestyle changes but nothing helped. After a friend suggested reflexology she decided to try the treatment and now has two gorgeous children.  Gabby believes that the reflexology treatments have allowed her and her husband to have the family they longed for. She also went on to use the treatment  to help in labour.

Maternity reflexology  and  reflexology and fertility  are areas I love working in. I see positive results in my clients but it's great to see this shared with people in the national press.


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