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"Reflexology helped make me a mother" Article in the press today.

I was excited to read about reflexology in the newspaper today. A wonderful article about Gabby Lamplugh who had two beautiful children with the help of reflexology. Gabby was a sceptic before the treatment but after three miscarriages she was prepared to try anything to help her have a healthy pregnancy. The couple had tried many lifestyle changes but nothing helped. After a friend suggested reflexology she decided to try the treatment and now has two gorgeous children.  Gabby believes that the reflexology treatments have allowed her and her husband to have the family they longed for. She also went on to use the treatment  to help in labour.

Maternity reflexology  and  reflexology and fertility  are areas I love working in. I see positive results in my clients but it's great to see this shared with people in the national press.


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