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Coping with Challenges using Reflexology and Hypnotherapy

My clients often say I must be the most chilled out relaxed person as I have so many techniques at my fingertips. In some ways that is true, I am far more relaxed than I was before I began to use complementary therapies, but life still throws challenges at even the calmest people!

During the last few weeks I have taken on a number of challenges, some by choice and others have arrived uninvited! I have to admit despite my love for holistic therapies my knee jerk reaction is often panic and fear just as it always has been. The difference is now I can eventually take a step back and use some of the wonderful techniques open to me.

My first challenges was updating my website to ensure it was compatible with mobile devices. I am not a techy person so my first reaction when I learnt I needed to do this was panic and anxiety. I had a very sleepless night before I took a moment to step back and calm down. I often talk to my clients about using the support networks around them, so many of us believe we have to cope alone. After getting advice from some techy friends I felt my website mountain was not such an impossible climb. I also took time out to use some confidence boosting self hypnosis and some mindfulness to encourage  kindness to myself. Gradually I began to enjoy the challenge and although there are still some things to iron out I am proud of myself for rising to the challenge. 

The next challenge was one I had chosen to embark on. Last year I tried twice to complete a 'leap of faith', this entails climbing up a tall post, standing on a small platform and jumping off ( you have safety equipment on of course!). I was so frustrated that twice i had reached the top and twice I had failed to stand up. I was determined to succeed this time. I used EFT to prepare myself for the task along with using the power of my imagination to really see myself succeeding. These both helped me to believe I could do it. And i did it!  The pride I felt was immense and I hope I've saved that feeling firmly in my memory to call on whenever I need a boost.

Leap of Faith at Condover Hall 2014...I couldn't stand up on the platform.

Leap of Faith at Condover Hall 2014...I couldn't stand up on the platform.

My third challenge was not something I chose at all. With a simple sneeze I damaged my back and have spent a frustrating week with little mobility and a fair dose of pain. As usual I spent the first day or so completely forgetting about the resources I have to help myself. After getting checked by my GP to ensure I hadn't seriously damaged any nerves etc I began using reflexology to help myself. Reaching my feet was hard at first so I just enjoyed some relaxing warm foot soaks with calming essential oils. Once I could finally get my hands on my feet I was shocked by how much tenderness I found. My spine and hip reflexes were all very painful but I did feel the discomfort was worth it.  I felt an improvement in my movement although I am still a long way off full mobility.  I also tackled my frustration with daily mindfulness meditation. This really has kept me grounded and held my annoyance at bay.

Challenges can be chosen or land in your laps when you least expect them. I wanted to share how a therapist copes with difficulties because I believe it is important for my clients to know two things 

  1. I am human just like them and I can be completely daunted by life's difficulties and feel that I do not have the ability to rise to the challenge
  2. After my panic passes I do practice what I preach because I believe truly in all the therapies I provide.

Mobile Reflexology

Try reflexology to boost you in 2013

Its the new year and as a combination of the Christmas period and the grey weather many of us are feeling emotionally drained and physically exhausted. To lift ourselves out of this we often focus on new year resolutions as a way to move into the year in a positive frame of mind.  Looking at our behaviour and aiming to change it to help us feel better is a great move, but we all know how hard it is to make those changes.

New year resolutions often fail before January is over, leaving us feeling unsatisfied with our life style choices. Unhealthy behaviours can be adopted as a way to cope with stress, for some its smoking and for others its drinking alcohol or eating sugary foods. Trying to stop these things can cause more stress and so the unhealthy circle continues.  Why not choose to add in behaviours to help manage stress and cope with anxiety instead of stopping the unhealthy coping methods straight away. If you can lower stress then those behaviours can be easier to stop.

Reflexology and massage is a brilliant stress buster. Clients often say how they have never felt more relaxed as they feel the stress melt away. With mobile treatments you don't even have to travel. There is no need to plan your route to the salon, search out a parking space or run the always present errands on your way into town.  Simply book your treatment and relax. The mobile reflexology therapist at Breathe Holsitic Therapy will bring everything you need. You just put your feet up and feel your stress melt away.

Mobile reflexology treatments are available within 12 miles of DY11, including: Stourbridge, Droitwich, Hagley, Worcester and Bewdley.

If you would prefer to visit the reflexologist at the treatment room that is also available

For Reflexology in Kidderminster. Please contact 0753 1121199

Aromatherapy, massage and reflexology skills

As an aromatherapy, massage and reflexology therapist it is vital to keep up to date with new research and training, constantly learning and developing skills to provide the best possible experience and results for out clients. It was wonderful to meet so many of other therapists at the Federation of Holistic Therapists 50th anniversary conference. The FHT Training Congress provided the opportunity to listen to a wide range of expert speakers on aromatherapy, advanced massage and reflexology, it was also ideal for meeting other like-minded therapists and talking to reputable therapy training and product suppliers.

It was fantastic to meet and learn from other therapists and trainers in aromatherapy, advanced massage and reflexology. Lectures and workshops to develop my expertise in areas such as individually blending the perfect aromatherapy oil for my clients and advanced massage to really help with painful stiff muscles were enjoyable and educational. Expanding my skills in areas such as facial reflexology allows me to offer treatments even more tailored to my client's unique individual needs. You can discuss your needs before any treatment to ensure you enjoy the best treatment for you at that time.

You can spot me on the photo...the one on the left wearing spots!

For Reflexology in Kidderminster. Please contact Jo 0753 1121199

Fundraising Day for Mary Stevens Hospice

I hope you had a great Easter.

I am having a fundraising day for Mary Stevens hospice. I am privileged to work at the hospice as a volunteer therapist and I hope to  raise money for a special reflexology chair. The reflexology chairs are very comfortable and so portable that we can give treatments in more places, such as for relatives that don't want to leave the bedsides.  Patients and visitors at the hospice benefit from many types of complementary therapies such as reflexology. A new reflexology recliner would allow me and other therapists to be more mobile within the hospice, hopefully offering the relaxing soothing treatments to more people when and where they need them.

On Saturday May 21st I am offering mini reflexology treatments and back massages for a suggested donation of £10.00. All proceeds going to the hospice. This fundraising day will take place at my home treatment room in Kidderminster.

Simply phone 0753 1121199 or e-mail me if you want to book a spot or need more details and please forward this to anyone who you think may be interested.


Thank you .

Reflexology Treatments Kidderminster. Please contact Jo 0753 1121199