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Winter treats , reflexology, massage and waxing for smooth soft skin.

During this busy time of year, with so many demands and shorter darker days it is vital to take time out to lower stress levels, relax and just breathe!

Our immune systems are weakened by stress.  As the cold and flu season starts again relaxation is as important as ever as a vital ingredient to strengthen our immunity. Regular reflexology treatments will help you to feel relaxed and calm whilst also benefiting your over all health and well being.

Massage treatments improve circulation along  skin texture and tone. Treat yourself to massage duringthe winter months and your skin will be beautiful to bare next summer time.  This is also the perfect time to start your waxing treatments.  You can allow the hair to grow whilst wrapped up for winter so its easier than starting waxing in the summer months. If you wax regularly during the winter your hair will be finer and much reduced by summer time.  Say goodbye to stubble for good.

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