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Breathe Kidderminster's Chosen Charity for 2015:

I am planning a Mindfulness fundraising day at Breathe Kidderminster later this year to raise funds for the Worcestershire Association of Carers.  This fantastic charity work tirelessly to support carers all across the county.  I attended their annual conference this week to learn more about the work of this local charity and most importantly to meet the people whose hard work makes it all possible.

The conference was both informative and incredibly moving. Speakers included Professor David Green, Vice Chancellor and Chief Executive of the University of Worcester, Clare Marchant, Chief Executive, Worcester County Council and Sarah Dugan, Chief Executive, Worcester Health and Care Trust. All three speakers explored a different perspective of caring but the resounding theme for me was that carers save the country millions of pounds while caring can have rewards but also immeasurable costs for those involved.  

I was shocked to learn that "Carers save the UK economy 119 billion every year" ( State of Caring report 2015) and even more shocked to learn that this figure is higher than the total spend on the National Health Service.  The financial impact of carers on the national and local economy was far beyond my appreciation.

More significant than any of these figures was the opportunity to hear first hand  personal experiences of caring. 'The Value of Caring' film launch clearly portrayed the reality of caring and without making any efforts to pull at the heart strings it still bought tears to the eyes of many in the room. I will hopefully be able to share this film with you on a later blog post.

If you are caring for a relative or friend, even if you do not consider yourself as a carer, please do take a look at the Worcestershire Association of Carers as they may well have something to offer you and your family. I will let you know when I have planned the fundraising day where I will be offering one-to-one sessions of Mindfulness Meditation at my Kidderminster treatment room.  You can learn more about mindfulness here.


Back to School

This blog entry is to share a great tool which is simple to learn and effective for many children with school anxiety. Below is a video of a short reflexology routine you can try with your child. There is more information to help you prepare here. You don't have to do it all, just see how you get on following the routine. For more information do contact me 0753 1121199 or e-mail me .

September heralds the start of a new school year, and although it can be an exciting time, for some  children it's just plain difficult.  Many children seem to struggle with anxiety and stress at the start of a new school year. There are many reasons for this and often they are too young to explain what they are feeling and fearing. This can be distressing not only for the child but also the parent who may feel helpless to ease their child's struggle.  The fact is they have to go into school at the start of the day no matter how much they may cry and cling to you.  Not easy.

I'm a mum and know first hand how difficult and exhausting this experience is.  My son struggled with back to school stress every year.  He loves school but found that initial separation difficult after the long fun school holidays.  I have no magic cures but I have found a number of ways to help my son manage stress and overcome anxiety  during this time.

After lots of talking and trying to understand why he was so anxious I decided to try some of the tools I use to help with stress and anxiety. Massage and reflexology can help a child to manage their stress. Baby massage and baby reflexology isn't just for babies! It's great for children of all ages. Some calming reassuring massage for just a few minutes accompanied by lots of positive words about their ability to cope can be a powerful tool. 

And finally, don't forget your own needs. It can be draining and painful when our children are suffering and struggling so take time out to relax yourself. It can be hard to remember to be  kind to yourself and not to feel guilty for leaving them at school.

If you want to learn more we are based in Kidderminster Worcestershire area and run one-to-one baby massage and reflexology instruction or you can host a small friendly reflexology/massage home group.

And if all else fails, remember the father Christmas bargaining tool.. all children want to be on the good list!!

Baby Reflexology, simple and effective.

You can learn baby reflexology one-to-one, choosing exactly what your baby needs. If you have friends with babies you can hold a baby reflexology group at home and all get together to learn and enjoy baby reflexology.

Being a parent can be tough, we don't have all the answers, but baby reflexology is a great skill to add to your parenting tool box!