Hypnobirthing Videos

Hypnosis for childbirth is becoming more and more popular for both hospital and home births.

The videos provided here show a variety of births using hypnotherapy for child birth. The films show how hypnosis can be used in a many settings and how different each birth is. They also show how using hypnosis in childbirth does not mean you are necessarily quite and still, you can still move about and make noise too! 

Birth is a dynamic process and each is unique, the women in these films are working with their bodies feeling empowered to do so through their use of hypnosis. Childbirth is a natural process and these births confirm that by showing that it does not need to be feared but experienced as a powerful incredible process.  

Hypnosis for childbirth training is available at Breathe Holistic Therapy on a one-to-one basis. For more information please visit: hypnobirthing