Maternity Reflexology

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Are you struggling with:

Pelvic girdle pain making walking uncomfortable? Morning sickness that feels never ending? Fatigue that is making every task a struggle? Insomnia and restless sleep ? Mood swings preventing you and your partner from enjoying this special time? Over due baby and anxious about induction? Breech baby?

Pregnancy is a wonderful and exciting time but for many women their pregnancy is blighted by the stress of common pregnancy ailments.

Imagine easing off your shoes and sitting back to enjoy an hour of blissful relaxation. A time for you to convey positive, relaxed, tranquil emotions to your baby. A reflexology massage not only feels wonderful but also provides you with time to breathe and enjoy your pregnancy.  Here is a snapshot of how maternity reflexology feels in the words of one of my clients.

"....I really enjoyed having reflexology throughout my pregnancy, as it relaxed me and also helped many of my pains I suffered during pregnancy, and I also enjoyed being able to see my own progress through my sessions,  reflexology is excellent and I would recommend to everyone...." A.T.

Maternity reflexology has been enjoyed by many women who report how it has seemed to support them with many ailments associated with pregnancy such as:

* Fatigue.

* Mood Swings

* Swollen ankles

* Nausea and sickness

* Pelvic and back pain

Reflexology can help you to feel better and enjoy your pregnancy and it also benefits the birthing process and beyond. Research has shown that women who have regular reflexology massage treatments during pregnancy have shorter average labours.  Reflexology research has shown reflexology may be as effective as pain killers as a form of analgesia, increasing pain tolerance and pain threshold by up to 45%. Promoting relaxation with treatments such as reflexology can help to counteract some of the fear and anxiety associated with childbirth.

Reflexology is continuing to establish its reputation and popularity through research and the positive results people experience. Reflexology can be used alongside other great techniques to promote a healthy and comfortable pregnancy and birth. 

A recent study was undertaken at a local hospital with fantastic results including labour progressing better with a reduction in pain relief needed.  They also found it beneficial on starting labour for over due babies thus avoiding further medical intervention to induce labour.  For more information on research relating to maternity reflexology visit our reflexology research blog.

Hypnobirthing is also available from Breathe Holistic Therapy. This training takes place over a number of appointments totally five hours. Hypnotherapy is also available for ' morning sickness ' and breech babies.

Reflexology priming for labour:

(often called natural induction of labour) This is a treatment involving strong stimulation of specific reflexology points and traditional Chinese medicine points to create a boost of energy and stimulation to encourage the onset of labour.  Essential oils are also used to stimulate and strengthen uterine muscle activity. This must not be performed prior to 41 weeks with your first pregnancy or due date for subsequent pregnancies and must have the agreement of your midwife. There is no guarentee your body will respond but the treatment will calm you ready for the birthing experience.

Reflexology is not a replacement for midwifery care and I will always direct mothers to be to their medical team if in any doubt about their or the babies wellbeing. The aim is to support women during this natural event and promote balance and relaxation alongside,and never replacing,their midwife or doctor. Reflexology can also be safely and successfully combined with other therapies used in pregnancy such as hypnotherapy.

The aim is to support women during this natural event and promote balance and relaxation alongside and never replacing their midwife or doctor.  UK Law states that only Midwives or Doctors are allowed to take in the ‘sole responsibility’ of a pregnant woman, except in an emergency. This basically means that  Breathe Holistic Therapy can only provide pregnancy treatments on a client who is under a Midwife of Doctor's care.

Upon booking your appointment please inform your midwife or doctor so that they are aware of your intentions to receive a massage or reflexology treatment, this is so they can provide any relevant advice regarding your treatment. This may sound unnecessary but the government guidelines have been set in order to protect your baby and yourself. By working together with your medical care givers this ensures that you are getting the quality of care you deserve and can also ensure that the treatment you will receive can be tailored to your needs and is carried out safely and professionally.

Reflexology massage can also be beneficial for couples trying to conceive,  fertility and reflexology ...

I have attended further training with qualified midwives and have a nursing background. Please call me or email if you wish to discuss your needs. I provide reflexology treatments at my treatment room in Kidderminster, but I can visit you at home if you prefer. I work in Stourbridge, Kidderminster and the Worcester area. I am available for appointments throughout the week, both daytime and evenings.

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