Complementary Therapy

relax with complementary therapy

Physical and emotional well being is vitally important for leading a well balanced life. When this is neglected it is all to easy to find the frustrating and stressful experiences growing and becoming overwhelming. All of a sudden fun and laughter can seem like a thing of the past. One popular way to redress this balance is through complementary therapies or alternative therapy.

When someone mentions complimentary therapies, alternative therapy or anything holistic many people think of mysticism or new age spirituality. But at Breathe, many of our clients are stressed professionals, people coming to terms with financial difficulties, sports injuries or anxiety. Basically, we're just normal people who can help you to relax your body and mind.

Reflexology is a well established complementary therapy that has been used in various forms around the world since ancient times. The history of this specialised holistic massage shows how complimentary therapies enhanced people's lives well before western medicine developed. Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness also have their foundations in methods used for many hundreds of years.  The term alternative therapy may be misleading. It could suggest that reflexology is a replacement or alternative to traditional medical care but it is not.

Complementary therapies are increasingly a feature of modern health care practice. A Department of Health report published in 2008 showed the significant and positive results of a range of complimentary therapies including reflexology. Reflexology treatments can help many physical and emotional conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, headaches and hormonal imbalances. This specialised holistic massage can compliment traditional medicine with great success.

Reflexology and hypnotherapy are not a replacement for medical care and advice from your health care provider should always be sought when you have health concerns.

This wonderfully calming treatments can help you to break the cycle of stress and neglect, leaving you more positive with increased physical and emotional wellbeing.

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