Pregnancy Reflexology Treatments

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Your pregnancy is a special time and you deserve to feel great and have a positive pregnancy. What better time to enjoy a wonderful relaxing treat? 

Many women, however, are understandably anxious about treatments while pregnant but with Breathe Holistic Therapy you can be book with confidence. Our therapist is trained and experienced in working with maternity clients.  Following professional advice we do not begin treatments until after your first scan at around 12 weeks. Midwives support complementary therapies in pregnancy and it is important that they are informed before you begin your treatments.

Maternity Reflexology

Imagine easing off your shoes and sitting back to enjoy an hour of blissful relaxation. A time for you to convey positive, relaxed, tranquil emotions to your baby. A reflexology massage not only feels wonderful but also provides you with time to breathe and enjoy your pregnancy.  Here is a snapshot of how maternity reflexology feels in the words of one of my clients.

"....I really enjoyed having reflexology throughout my pregnancy, as it relaxed me and also helped many of my pains I suffered during pregnancy, and I also enjoyed being able to see my own progress through my sessions,  reflexology is excellent and I would recommend to everyone...." A.T.

Maternity reflexology has been enjoyed by many women who report how it has seemed to support them with many ailments associated with pregnancy. For more information go to Maternity Reflexology. 

 At breathe Holistic Therapy you can enjoy a selection of treatments to enhance your pregnancy. Maternity Massage is also enjoyed by many women during pregnancy. At Breathe Holistic Therapy you and your babies comfort are our priority and massage can be enjoyed safely positioned on your side. 

Information on research studies looking at reflexology and pregnancy can be found on our reflexology research blog.

£ 30.00- one treatment

£ 35.00- home visit(up to 12 miles from DY11 5LB Kidderminster)

Reflexology priming for labour  (often called natural induction of labour)

This is a treatment involving strong stimulation of specific reflexology points and Traditional Chinese Medicine acupressure points to create a boost of energy and stimulation to encourage the onset of labour. Essential oils are also used to stimulate and strengthen uterine muscle activity. This must not be performed prior to 41 weeks with your first pregnancy or due date for subsequent pregnancies and must have the agreement of your midwife. Studies have shown that these treatments may help women avoid chemical induction of labour.There is no guarantee your body will respond but the treatment is calming ready for the birthing experience.

These very special appointments take up to 2 hours and include some aromatherapy massage oil for you to use at home to compliment your treatment.

£ 40.00

£ 45.00- home visit (up to 12 miles from DY11 5LB Kidderminster)

For more information or to book please call 0753 1121199 or e-mail me

Reflexology or massage are not a replacement for midwifery care and I will always direct mothers to be to their medical team if in any doubt about their or the babies well being.

The aim is to support women during this natural event and promote balance and relaxation alongside and never replacing their midwife or doctor.  UK Law states that only Midwives or Doctors are allowed to take in the ‘sole responsibility’ of a pregnant woman, except in an emergency. This basically means that  Breathe Holistic Therapy can only provide pregnancy treatments on a client who is under a Midwife of Doctor's care.

Upon booking your appointment please inform your midwife or doctor so that they are aware of your intentions to receive a massage or reflexology treatment, this is so they can provide any relevant advice regarding your treatment. This may sound unnecessary but the government guidelines have been set in order to protect your baby and yourself. By working together with your medical care givers this ensures that you are getting the quality of care you deserve and can also ensure that the treatment you will receive can be tailored to your needs and is carried out safely and professionally.

At Breathe Holistic Therapy pregnancy therapies are available to promote positive pregnancy and calm, confident child birth.

If you'd like to find out more about the role of relaxation please go to :  anxiety in pregnancy and childbirth.