Baby Reflexology:Prepare and aftercare

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Baby reflexology is easy to use and requires very little preparation but a few tips can help you to incorporate these effective and enjoyable techniques into your every day life.

Baby reflexology can be performed anywhere and you don't even need to use any oil, just you and their feet! You can of course make a special time for a planned session and follow the massage guidelines for this.

Many people wonder about which oil to use for baby massage. A natural product is best and unscented too so your baby can smell you during this lovely bonding time. Oil can be messy so I would always try to use a semi solid product such as a wax or balm. At Breathe Holistic Therapy we use a Tui Bee Balm.

Ensure your baby is warm enough if you are doing a massage, draft free and cosy. Try to have some wipes to hand as you never know when you may need them! A soft towel or blanket for your baby and some pillows for you. Please take care to find a comfortable position for yourself too.

Try to minimise distractions, check there aren't lights shining too directly onto your babies face and perhaps play some music you both enjoy.

Some babies will not need any comforters or toys during the massage, but for some a favourite small toy can be reassuring to begin with.

Be guided by your baby and don't worry if you feel things could have gone better, try to enjoy it and you will learn what suits you and your baby best as you go along. If at any time you begin massage or reflexology and it just doesn't feel like the right time then stop. Trust your instinct and if you are ever concerned about your baby please do seek medical advise.

After a massage be careful handling your baby as they may still be slippery. Be extra careful with sunlight as their skin may be even more susceptible to burning. Provide extra fluid if your baby seems to wants it. Babies may also feel colder after massage so do take care to check they are warm enough.  Not all babies are sleepy after massage, but if yours is then let them enjoy their sleep  and maybe continue relaxing yourself!

One- to- one baby reflexology

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