Reflexology and Mindfulness

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At Breathe Holistic Therapy your well being is our priority and the combination of mindfulness meditation and reflexology allows you to introduce the powerful benefits of relaxation into your daily life

Life for many of us can at times be very hectic, rushed and stressful. Finding time to relax is often a luxury we don't allow ourselves.  Stress management is a vital part of promoting well being. Choosing reflexology with mindfulness meditation is a wonderful way to manage your stress and promote relaxation and well being.

After a reflexology treatment many of my clients say they can't remember when they last relaxed so deeply. They talk about how calm they feel and how they feel refreshed and revitalised. Many say they didn't realise how much stress they were holding in their bodies until they let it go. As a therapist it's wonderful to hear that you are helping people to achieve relaxation, but I would love them to be able to take the key to this relaxation home with them in their pocket.

Our minds and bodies associate certain experiences with particular emotions and behaviours. You may smell food cooking and hear your tummy grumble and feel your mouth watering.  Certain music may take you right back to the event when you first heard it.  This is a natural process, so why not use it to trigger relaxation?

At Breathe Holistic therapy our qualified therapist has developed a combination of mindfulness and reflexology to create a treatment that enables you to deepen the relaxation effects of reflexology whilst also teaching mindfulness meditation skills.The meditation is designed to optimise your relaxation. A version of this meditation can then be yours to use at home as an mp3 or cd.

Many clients have busy lives and can rush to their appointment looking forward to the opportunity to truly relax and let go of stress, but occasionally their minds are too full and busy with daily worries and concerns. Mindfulness mediation teaches how to quieten the mind in a gentle accepting way, allowing the fullest relaxation effect from the reflexology treatment.

Your mind and body will associate this meditation with your calming reflexology treatment.  When you listen to the meditation in-between your reflexology appointments you can easily feel that deep sense of calm awareness. You really will have a key to relaxation in your pocket! 

Mindfulness Meditation is not only a way to find a calm mind but a complete new way to experience your life. The attitudes of mindfulness will also be gently introduced as your experience new meditations.

All treatments available in the comfort of the  Kidderminster home based treatment room. Appointments are available during the day or evenings by request. Home visits also available, see pricing details for more information. For more information and to book you 90 minute mindfulness with reflexology appointment please do contact me.