Baby Reflexology

Baby reflexology 1-1 instruction.

£20.00 for one hour or £55.00 for a course of three or

£25.00 for one hour or £70.00 for a course of three at your home

(for instruction at home up to 12 miles from DY11 5LB)

If you prefer using natural remedies for yourself and your family then reflexology for babies gives you an all natural fuss free option.You can use  it any time, any place. In a restaurant, out shopping, visiting friends for a cuppa and a chat, at 4 am in the morning! Just about anytime you need to help soothe and calm your baby.

Baby reflexology can help to ease the pain and discomfort of some common ailments for many babies and infants. Common issues include:

Soothing for sleep.

Colic and Wind.



Fractious crying.

Snuffly blocked noses.

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This baby reflexology video provides you with a lovely basic routine to use anytime of day to strengthen your bond, encourage relaxation for both of you and enjoy some loving time together! Baby reflexology can help you to feel more confident caring for your baby and promote a sense of security and understanding for you both.

Baby reflexology is a specially modified form of reflexology designed especially for babies, infants and toddlers.Baby reflexology at Breathe Holistic Therapy teaches parents special gentle techniques delivered by an experienced Reflexologist qualified in baby reflexology.  

Reflexology is a natural therapy using finger and thumb pressure on points on the feet and hands that correspond to all parts of the body.The treatment is relaxing and calming for adults and babies alike, so if you love reflexology or want to learn a simple, effective skill then take a look at Baby reflexology.  The preparation and aftercare is easy too.

Reflexology for babies was developed by a physiotherapist after 15 years of research into the effects of reflexology on children with asthma. They found that children were more relaxed and slept better and this helped them to better manage the problems associated with their asthma.

Baby reflexology is a simple and effective skill to help you and your baby manage day to day difficulties and common problems. It does not diagnose or treat illness and is not a replacement for medical care. Always consult your babies G.P. if you are concerned about their health.