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Photo Fundraiser

Breathe Holistic Therapy is working with the Hand on Heart charity to raise money for life saving defibrillators. These will be distributed to local high schools.

Why do we need them? Over 250 children die in British schools each year form sudden cardiac arrest. 80% of those children had no known illness. I found this shocking, and as a mother I wanted to know every child would have the best possible chance of survival. Having access to a defibrillator gives the child a 75% chance of survival, without one their chances drop by 10% every minute they wait for the ambulance.

Sainsburys in Kidderminster also felt this was a fantastic charity to support. On August 6th we joined together and raised £182.67 simply by using our therapist Jo's Olympic torch! Photos in return for a donation was great fun and many local people were thrilled to hold the torch and get a picture.

baxter collegeFundraising will continue over the next months and hopefully life saving defibrillators will soon be in our local schools.  Baxter College has already received their defibrillator and other schools should soon follow.


For Reflexology in Kidderminster. Please contact 0753 1121199

Kidderminster Sports Awards

Kidderminster reflexology massage therapist and Olympic torch bearer Joanne from Breathe Holistic Therapy was honoured to be invited to the sports awards in Kidderminster. The Wyre Forest Sports awards was a fabulous opportunity to applaud the local community. 


Sports men and women from Kidderminster of all ages were awarded and celebrated.

It was a fabulous opportunity to meet local Olympian Alison Young and Paralympian Claire Cashmore. Hearing their stories was inspiring and educational.

A real highlight was seeing and holding a Paralympic silver medal,  after watching the games and enjoying it immensely it was a complete treat to actually hold a medal.

Kidderminster and the Wyre Forest has so much to be proud of and its wonderful to see our reflexology massage therapist involved in such celebratory community events.