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Bringing our Blogs Together

As Breathe Holistic Therapy has developed over the last 9 years I have introduced a number of specialised blogs with their own aim and focus including this media archive  blog.  This blog aims at recording and celebrating Breathe Holistic Therapies presence in the media, largely reporting charity events. .

Each of the blogs I've developed include information and interesting posts exploring subjects all relating to one thing: the work of Breathe Holistic Therapy and needs of the clients.  I have now decided it is time to consolidate all the blogs into one. I aim to make the posts more accessible and easier to find. All future posts sharing interesting news reports will now be posted on the Breathe Therapy Blog.

All the previous posts will still remain published here and can be read or shared again, remaining available to you into the future.  I hope you find the single blog more accessible and continue to enjoy reading.

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Hypnobirthing Kidderminster In the Local News

I was proud to share my hypnobirthing and reflexology registered practitioner status in the local Kidderminster news papers in February 2016.


Kidderminster CNHC practitioner one of 63,000 health practitioners

ready to help transform the nation’s health

The Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care has reported to Ministers that 63,000 health practitioners stand ready to help transform the nation’s health.  Local Reflexology and hypnobirthing practitioner, Joanne Carthew based in Kidderminster, is now proud to be one of them.

Joanne explained: ‘As a CNHC registrant I am proud to be part of the health and care workforce and agree that we do have an important  role to play in this new approach to health”

Harry Cayton, the Professional Standards Authority Chief Executive, stated that we need to look for new ways to deliver care fit for the 21st century. He called for people in charge of health and care services to use a wider range of occupational groups, including complementary therapies.

He said: “The NHS is re-examining the way it delivers services and is exploring new models of integrated care better-suited to today’  He continued: ’.....we no longer have to depend solely on doctors and nurses but can create broader multidisciplinary teams. We must invest in prevention and wellbeing to deliver healthcare for the 21st Century. The complementary therapists registered with CNHC are among the health practitioners who have a key role to play in this new model.”

The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) is an Accredited Register and Joanne Carthew is registered with them. Joanne commented: “I am passionate about promoting local people’s wellbeing through reflexology and hypnobirthing. I have been working within the community for many years and welcome the opportunity to be recognised as a valued therapist by the CNHC. I particularly enjoy maternity work and feel privileged to work with many pregnant clients at such a special time in their lives”

The accredited register enables people to choose therapists with confidence knowing they are competent, professional and safe. To find out more about CNHC visit: or call 020 7653 1971. 

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Hypnotherapist Holds fundraising day in Kidderminster

mindfulness group

Mindfulness fundraising day; lowering stress and raising funds for Worcestershire Association of Carers.


A Kidderminster hypnotherapist, Joanne Carthew, is using her Mindfulness training skills to raise funds to support local carers.  Worcestershire Association of Carers (WAC) gives vital support for those adults providing unpaid care –this could be for a neighbour, relative or friend.

Worcestershire Association of Carers is a registered charity providing an independent source of information, advice and support for the 63,000 unpaid adult carers in Worcestershire. They provide a wide range of services, including direct support and training. To find out more, you can call WAC’s helpline on 0300 012 4272 or visit or you can email:

“There are at least 63,000 unpaid carers in Worcestershire” explained Joanne “as a therapist and volunteer at a local hospice I see both the value of caring but also the difficulties experienced by carers and their families.  Many carers experience high levels of stress, anxiety and depression.  I decided to run a Mindfulness charity day because Mindfulness can encourage a sense of calmness and resilience, giving individuals some peace in a frantic world.”

Joanne will be holding the fundraising day on Saturday October 17 at Breathe Holistic Therapies Kidderminster Treatment room.  Individual “Introduction to Mindfulness” sessions will be available and all donations will go towards WAC’s valuable work.  You do not have to be a carer to book; the day is open to everyone interested in Mindfulness.

To find out more and book your “Introduction to Mindfulness” session please call 07531 121199, email or  visit  for more information.

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