Reflexology in the Workplace

As a reflexologist and hypnotherapist I feel very lucky to work in a calm and relaxed environment in my Kidderminster treatment room. Many workplaces are not so tranquil and I regularly see clients with some level of work related stress and anxiety. In many sectors employers are looking into way to reduce work place stress to protect their employees from the negative effects of such stress but also to increase productivity. Reflexology is an accessible therapy that requires little space and short treatments can reap large results. This combination means that reflexology can be a powerful tool in the battle against work related stress and anxiety.

There have been many pieces of research looking at the benefits of reflexology in the workplace.

In 1993 a reflexologist was employed by a telecom company and the results were studied and recorded. Over a 2 year period the reflexologist employed by the Telecom firm of Taastup in Denmark treated 156 employees, who experienced:

*  Positive effects on back pains, the musculo-skeletal system, headache, migraine, stomach and intestinal problems

*  Sick leave was reduced

It was concluded that there was a direct economical benefit as well as increased well being for the employees.  Reflexology, they concluded, had a positive effect for both employees and the company.

A study was conducted by Anne Jordan (1994) on staff at Worcestershire hospitals.Twenty-eight subjects (22 females & 6 males, aged 22 to 66 years) were included in this study. Individuals received one  reflexology session every week for six weeks. Response to reflexology was measured after each session on several issues including: pain, mobility, energy and psychological stress. 

All subjects reported some improvement after six sessions, with significant improvement being reported by: 74% of the 23 subjects experiencing pain, 53% of subjects concerned about mobility, 62.5% of subjects concerned with energy levels, and, 55% of subjects concerned with psychological stress. It was concluded that reflexology is a cost effective therapy for companies and institutions concerned about absenteeism and sick leave.

In Denmark a longer study was undertaken on post office workers (1993). In a 3 year period 235 employees received reflexology for a number of health problems.  

*  170 reported a good effect (73%)

*  60 had some effect (25%)

*  5 had no effect (2%)

*  Absenteeism was reduced from 11.4 to 8.5 days per person per year, implying savings of 1 million Danish Kroner

There have been a  number of studies in Denmark all of which have shown a reduction in absenteeism and positive well-being results for many employees.

Although more extensive research is required the studies available suggest reflexology is beneficial for both the employees and the employers. I am not aware of any local companies who currently provide complementary therapies for their staff but if you run a business locally please do consider the benefits for both your staff and productivity. Reflexology is very accessible and requires only a small room.  If you would like to know more about reflexology please visit : reflexology explained. or contact me

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