Busy? Stressed? Anxious? Want to relax? 

You can enjoy this calming ten minute relaxation MP3, from Breathe Holistic Therapy Kidderminster, whenever you want to experience a break from your busy life. Your time to relax... pause... and Breathe.

Taking time to relax has many benefits for your body both emotionally and physically.  The relaxation response  causes positive changes in you body which counteract the negative influence of long term stress. Why not try just a few minutes every day and see if you can feel any changes to your sense of wellbeing?

Choose a time to listen when it is safe for you to become deeply calm and relaxed.

Relaxation is only one part of hypnotherapy, this is a calming progressive relaxation recording rather than hypnotherapy. If you are interested in hypnotherapy read more here.

If you are concerned about your health please do seek medical support from you health care practitioner.