Therapeutic massage available in Kidderminster Worcestershire. 

Massage has been enjoyed throughout history and across the world. With today's hectic lifestyles we need the soothing powers of massage as much if not more than ever. You may spend hours at the computer, or stuck in traffic on the way to work, rushing from place to place carrying over filled hand bags, the stresses of the day building up and effecting your ability to relax and wind down. Massage can offer one solution to this build up of emotional and physical stress.  Manipulation of the muscles and tissues helps to ease away the tension and leave you with an enhanced state of well-being. Regular massage enables you to cope more easily with the pressures of every day life.

At Breathe Holistic Therapy Kidderminster massage treatments are designed to suit your needs. You may prefer a deep massage or a more gentle soothing treatment. A full body massage or back massage is available but if you prefer only a foot and leg massage then just ask. Client comfort is a priority and we know that for some people lying on a massage couch isn't comfortable. At Breathe we have a Comfy Client cushion system designed specifically to solve the common comfort problems. We are also able to adapt treatments to meet your particular physical needs. Find out more here.

Massage, aromatherapy and reflexology can be combined to create your own unique treatment. Our therapist is trained in body massage including "hands free" massage, pregnancy massage, baby massage, and aromatherapy.

Massage treatments are available by appointment at our comfortable home treatment room in Kidderminster.

To book your treatment or to find out more call me on  0753 1121199  or  e-mail me.

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