Can Hypnotherapy help to turn a breech baby?

As a hypnotherapist I see regularly the powerful positive effect hypnotherapy can have, such as helping people reach their goals, stopping unwanted habits and beating phobias. I was, however, sceptical about the use of hypnosis to encourage a breech baby to turn. But then I read the research evidence! 

hypnosis to turn a breech baby

Research in 1994 studied one hundred pregnant women whose babies were in breech position at 37-40 weeks’ gestation and a matched control group. 81% of breech babies were successfully turned to a head down position with hypnosis compared with 48% in the control group who did not have hypnotherapy (Mehl, 1994).  The NHS report that 50% of attempted turns using the traditional external cephalic version (ECV) technique are successful.  It is important to note that the Royal College of Obstetricians state that 0.5% of ECV interventions can lead to a baby being born by emergency surgery due to bleeding. Hypnotherapy , although the research is limited, has a success rate that is significantly higher.

At Breathe Holistic Therapy we advise that the single session of hypnotherapy is provided at 37 or 38 weeks gestation.  The hypnosis mp3 will then be given to you to listen to at home, although the baby may turn before you have chance to listen again!  This technique can work alongside hypnobirthing training if you are attending sessions at Breathe Holistic Therapy. 

Before attending a hypnotherapy session to encourage your baby to turn we ask you to speak to your doctor or midwife to advise them of your intention to use hypnotherapy so that they an provide any relevant advise regarding your treatment. By working together with your medical care givers this ensures that you are getting the quality of care you deserve and can also ensure that the treatment you will receive can be tailored to your needs and is carried out safely and professionally.  

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